FHSU professor receives award for excellence in teaching sustainable development

Weisenborn, Greg

08/29/16 nds
HAYS, Kan. -- Dr. Gregory Weisenborn, associate professor of management and chair of the Department of Management in the College of Business and Entrepreneurship at Fort Hays State University, received the Excellence in Teaching Sustainability Award from the Sustainable Development Division of the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers.

"Weisenborn is being recognized for his contribution towards advancing the knowledge and practice of sustainability in the field of industrial engineering," said Dr. Eliseo Vilalta-Perdomo, president of the division.

Weisenborn was named Outstanding Educator in Sustainability and president elect of the Sustainable Development Division of the IISE international conference in Anaheim, Calif. This division comprises more than 2,300 academic, student and industry professionals who have specific interests in sustainable development.

Weisenborn will serve as president elect for one year before assuming the presidency of the Sustainable Development Division at the 2017 international meeting.

"Our approach in operations and systems engineering is broad and holistic," said Weisenborn. "The new UN sustainable development goals span a variety of societal dimensions, but individual organizations often focus narrowly and without coordination on achieving bigger impact."

IISE's focus is adhering the general welfare of humankind by applying the tools and creative systems-thinking of the industrial engineering profession to the development of sustainable societies.

"As professions, operations management and industrial engineering are unique in that they specifically consider broad systems-integration thinking in the development of products and processes," said Weisenborn. "Business leaders should continue to drive business and industry, government agencies at all levels, and NGOs to solve long-term sustainability challenges in a holistic fashion."

Weisenborn has served in various leadership roles in the Sustainable Development Division of IISE since its founding in May 2011. At FHSU, he has been active on the Sustainability Task Force since 2011.

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