FHSU student becomes college debate delegate

09/27/16 nds
HAYS, Kan. -- Fort Hays State University student Alyssa Steppe, Clay Center senior, was selected to be a delegate in Dominican University of California's 2016 college debate. This initiative drew on technology and social media to generate a discussion forum focused on national youth issues.

As a partner of the Commission on Presidential Debates, delegates of Dominican University of California's college debate brought national youth issues to the attention of the moderators of the presidential debates earlier this September.

Preparation began in June when delegates met on the Dominican campus for a training session to organize issue-focused events and outreach on their home campuses. Training also focused on promoting civil discourse, understanding responsible digital citizenship, and avoiding stereotypes while focusing on the issues as opposed to party politics.

This convention also included a 90-minute moderated Town Hall meeting streamed live to the delegates' home campuses across the country.

The final product was a memo to the moderators for the 2016 presidential debates that will contain specific questions the college delegates want the candidates to address.

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