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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do the Virtual College School Psychology MS and EdS programs require an entrance exam?

Yes. You must take either the GRE ( or MAT (www.milleranalogies.comรข€Ž) within the past 5 years to be considered for admission. Your official scores should be sent from ETS or Pearson directly to the Graduate School. Exceptions to this rule are not made based on credentials, other degrees, or previous work in the school setting. All students will need the entrance exam score in order for the department to review the application.

  • Are the programs NASP accredited?

Currently, our programs are not NASP accredited. However, FHSU is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission ( Additionally, students complete a portfolio as part of the EdS program and this (in addition to Praxis-II scores) may be submitted to NASP to apply for national certification. You can learn more about this process at:

  • Does this program meet state requirements and which state will I be able to practice in?

Our program meets state requirements and prepares students to practice in the state of Kansas. If you live or will work in a different state, it is your responsibility to research the state's requirements to determine if our program will work for you. A good place to start your research is the following site:

  • If I have a master degree in a related field, can I apply immediately for the EdS program?

Yes. If you have a master's degree in psychology or an area of education, you can apply to the EdS program. If you are accepted to the program, your transcript will be evaluated to determine if any courses from the MS School Psychology program are missing. If so, you will be required to take the needed MS courses (which we refer to as "leveling" courses) before you complete EdS course work.

  • I have completed other graduate level work. Can you evaluate my transcript before I apply to see what would transfer?

Due to the high volume of applications and inquiries, we only evaluate transcripts after an application has been received. If you completed graduate level work from a regionally accredited university and those hours have not counted toward another degree already received, it is possible some hours might be transferable.

  • How long does it take to complete your program?

The exact length of time to complete the program varies by if a student is enrolled full-time or part-time and if the student decides to take time off at any point. For a full-time student, it typically takes one year to complete the master's program, one year to complete the EdS program, and one year of work on a paid internship.

  • What materials do I need to submit?

If you have decided to apply to the program, a list of the required materials can be found at:

  • Where do I apply and submit application materials?

To complete your online application and submit required application materials, please visit the graduate program webpage. Please verify with the Graduate School that your application has been submitted and all additional application materials have been received.

  • Are there any application deadlines I should be aware of?

Applications are accepted only once per year. To be considered for admission, your complete application should be submitted by March 15th. Applications which are submitted prior to the deadline and are completed, will receive first priority during the review process. After the application due date, it typically takes a few weeks for a decision to be reached. You will receive official notification from the Graduate School of the department's decisions.

  • How do I know if my application is considered complete?

First, you can call the Graduate School and ask if all of your materials have been received (phone 785-628-4236). Next, you can call the Department of Psychology to ask if we have received your file from the Graduate School.

  • Can I apply to the program after the due date?

Yes, you can apply to the program after the due date. However, we only accept a limited number of students. When the cohort is full for that semester, we do not accept any additional students. You can contact the Director of the School Psychology program to inquire if a cohort is full.

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