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Master of Science in Clinical Psychology

Program Summary & Recommended Sequence
Applying to the Program
Careers in Clinical Psychology
Internships, GTAs and Experiential Learning
Clinical Psychology Graduate Program Handbook

Master of Science in Clinical Psychology Program Overview

Completion of the MS degree in clinical psychology program will prepare you for licensure as a master's level psychologist in the state of Kansas and/or a licensed mental health provider in most other states.

Master's level psychologists conduct psychotherapy, psychological assessment, and perform other professional functions in a variety of settings, including community mental health centers, private practices, psychiatric hospitals, and various types of residential treatment centers. In addition to preparing you for master's level licensure, the program also prepares you for future doctoral study.

This is an on-campus only program. The program consists of 60 semester hours of coursework in the areas of assessment, psychological interventions, research methodology, and supervised practicum and internship experiences. The program can be completed in two years of full-time study.

Program Summary & Recommended Sequence

Methodology - 12 hours

PSY 845 Experimental Methods (3 Credit Hours)
PSY 850 Inferential Statistics (3 Credit Hours)
PSY 899 Thesis (6 Credit Hours)

Clinical - 40 hours

PSY 800 Advanced Abnormal Psychology (3 Credit Hours)
PSY 830 Professional Ethics (3 Credit Hours)
PSY 840 Appraisal of Children (4 Credit Hours)
PSY 855 Appraisal of Adults (6 Credit Hours)
PSY 860 Approaches to Psychotherapy (3 Credit Hours)
PSY 861 or 685 Couples Therapy or Behavior Therapy (3 Credit Hours)
PSY 877 Community Mental Health (3 Credit Hours)
PSY 890 Practicum (5 Credit Hours)
PSY 892 Internship (10 Credit Hours)

General Core - 6 hours

PSY 810 Must take Developmental Psychology (3 Credit Hours)
Choose 1 of the following:
Physiological Psychology, Advanced Learning and Motivation or Neuropsychology (3 Credit Hours)

Elective - 2 hours

Total Credits: 60

Recommended Schedule for MS Clinical Psychology students (to complete on campus coursework in 3 semesters)

1st Semester - Fall

PSY 800 Advanced Abnormal Psychology (3)
PSY 840 Appraisal of Children (4)
PSY 845 Experimental Methods (3)
PSY 860 Approaches to Psychotherapy (3)
PSY 890 Practicum in Applied Psychology (2)

2nd Semester - Spring

PSY 830 Professional Ethics in Psychology (3)
PSY 850 Inferential Statistics (3)
PSY 855 Appraisal of Adults (6)
PSY 890 Practicum in Applied Psychology (3)

3rd Semester - Fall

PSY 668 Neuropsychology (3)
PSY 685 Behavior Therapy (3)
PSY 810 Developmental Psychology (3)
PSY 861 Couples or Group Therapy (3)
PSY 877 Seminar in Community Mental Health (3)

4th Semester - Spring

PSY 892 Internship in Clinical Psychology (10)
PSY 899 Thesis (6)

Careers in Clinical Psychology

Program graduates have been very successful in securing employment in community mental health centers, psychiatric hospitals, and various types of treatment facilities. The Behavioral Sciences Regulatory Board licenses Master's level psychologists in the state of Kansas. For information on licensure of master's level psychologists in various states, please review the website of the North American Association of Masters in Psychology.

Applying to the Program

Applications should be submitted directly to the Graduate School and must include each of the following:
1) Graduate Record Exam (GRE) results
2) Official transcript of all college credit
3) 2 Letters of Recommendation
4) Letter of Intent/Personal Statement
5) Graduate School Application

See downloadable application materials.

A completed file should be submitted to the FHSU Graduate School by March 15 for consideration of acceptance into the Fall and by October 15 for the Spring program.

Internships, GTAs and Experiential Learning

As a student in the clinical psychology program, you'll have the opportunity to gain extensive supervised experience in the application of mental health services. The required 15 credits of practicum and internship are designed to give you practical experience and professional skills, in addition to exposure to the organization and structure of mental health service agencies. During your first year of study, you'll complete an on-campus practicum in the Kelly Center, which serves as the campus counseling center for the university. Staffed by clinical psychology faculty members, the Kelly Center provides therapy experience with college students and adults.

After completion of the on-campus practicum, you'll complete a 600 clock-hour internship in an off-campus mental health agency under the supervision of a qualified psychologist. Internship opportunities are offered at area mental health centers, state hospitals, adolescent treatment centers, and chemical dependency programs. Teaching assistantships are not available during the internship semester.

Graduate Teaching Assistantships (GTAs) are available, which provide a stipend and, in some cases, a tuition reduction (here is information on applying to graduate school).

Program Contact Information

For more information concerning the MS program in Clinical Psychology, please contact:

Mrs. Brooke Mann, Clinical Psychology Program Director
Department of Psychology
Fort Hays State University





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