Persistence and Retention

What is Persistence? What is Retention?

Student retention & persistence to graduation are integral to the mission of Fort Hays State University. Seideman (2005) defines retention as the:

"ability of an institution to retain a student from admission through graduation" (p. 14).

Many times retention efforts are typically centered around students re-enrolling in consecutive semesters (for example, from a first semester to a second semester or a first year to a second year). Seideman (2005) further developed persistence as the:

"desire & action of a student to stay within the system of higher education from beginning
through degree completion"
(p. 14).

Fort Hays State University is committed to student success & degree completion through various retention & persistence initiatives. Retaining our students is a community effort involving all stakeholders including faculty, staff, students, administrators, families, friends, alumni, and more. This informational webpage provides tools and resources for these stakeholders as we collectively work toward the goal of assisting students in completing their degree at FHSU .

Source: Seidman, A. (2005). Minority student retention: Resources for practitioners. Retrieved from

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