In April 2012, Fort Hays State University was awarded a Grant from the AT&T Kansas Foundation to fund the Thriving Tigers initiative. Watch the check presentation!

What is Thriving Tigers?

Thriving Tigers is a retention initiative comprised of three major steps: connect, engage and succeed. Students are encouraged in various ways to utilize the existing and constantly improving University resources to improve their chances of success.

Thriving Tigers is based on student development research that correlates student success with the following factors-this is what retention is all about: Mattering vs. Marginality - if a student is able to identify one person with whom they are comfortable going to for help, they are more likely to finish school.

• College Student Engagement - successful students are socially and academically committed to an institution.
• Academic and Social Integration - successful students are able to make connections between what they are learning and life events.

Combining all of these elements, Thriving Tigers is designed to increase student engagement and to drive students to programs, services, and resources while blending both the on-campus and on-line worlds in which our students live.

The three steps--Connect, Engage, Succeed--contain programs and services that students are able to utilize on a daily basis to help them succeed at college.

*Tiger IQ launched in January 2012 & Tiger[Link] launched in January 2012.

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