The Department of Sociology and Social Work offers a BA in Sociology (on campus and online), a Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) and a variety of certificate programs to prepare you to make a difference in the world. With innovative and in-depth courses, strong faculty mentoring and ample opportunities for hands-on learning, you’re sure to discover a program that meets your personal and professional goals. The Department offers two master degree programs.

 BA in Sociology

The field of sociology is broad, encompassing the systematic study of social life as well as the social causes and consequences of human behavior. Accordingly, the BA in Sociology offers you a broad academic program that can lead you to a variety of careers in sociology. Additionally, the BA in Sociology Addictions Counseling Track provides a path to become a licensed additions counselor in the State of Kansas.  To learn more about specific degree requirements, start here: BA in Sociology.

The BA in Sociology is available completely online - same classes, same faculty, but accessible to you wherever you are in the world. If you are interested in pursuing the online BA in Sociology, learn what it takes to be an online sociology major at Fort Hays State University. Be sure to visit the FHSU Virtual College Web site for admissions and tuition information.  A minor in Sociology can be earned by passing any 21 credit hours of sociology courses. 

 Bachelor of Social Work

The Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) program prepares you to start your career as a generalist in social work practice. You will graduate with the professional knowledge, values and skills you need to practice with individuals, families, groups organizations and communities. Please read a letter from the director: Welcome to FHSU! You will enter this program as a “pre-social work” major, as you will apply to the program once you meet certain minimum requirements. Learn more about:

Those pursuing a BSW degree at FHSU and desiring a career in addictions counseling, need two additional sociology classes totaling six credit hours (Pharmacology and High Risk Medical Issues and Client Management Procedures) and the required BSW degree practicum in a licensed addictions counseling facility.

Importantly, individuals seeking credentialing in addictions counseling in a state other than Kansas are responsible for knowing that state’s credentialing requirements, as well as the necessary educational requirements to be eligible for licensure or certification in that state.

Certificate Programs

Add value to your degree in sociology or social work by focusing your studies in an area of study that intrigues you or aligns with your career goals. For example, if you plan to work for a non-profit someday, the grant writing certificate provides you with skills you typically gain on the job, making your more marketable as a new graduate.

Or, if sociology or social work intrigues you, but you are limited by the requirements of another primary degree program, these certificates allows you to deepen your knowledge without greatly impacting your graduation timeline. All certificates are available on campus as well as online through the FHSU Virtual College. One or more of the courses in this certificate area may earn continuing education credit from professional accrediting organizations.  If continuing education credit would be useful to you, check with your accrediting body about its acceptance of one or more of these courses.  Learn more about the:

Master Degree Opportunities

Social Entrepreneurship. The Department of Sociology and Social Work offers the Social Entrepreneurship concentration for the Masters of Professional Studies (MPS) degree. This creative training opportunity will prepare you to enter the professional field of nonprofit work. Many agencies and organizations have been created mainly to assist people, not for the purpose of profit. Please view a description of the concentration here: Social Entrepreneurship MPS Concentration

Master of Social Work. The University of Kansas School of Social Welfare has partnered with Fort Hays State University (FHSU) and Garden City Community College (GCCC) to deliver the KU Master of Social Work (MSW) degree in Western Kansas beginning in June 2013. Please view a description of the program here: Western Kansas MSW. Local contact: Kendal Carswell at 785-628-5917 or, Rarick Hall, Room 393.

Please contact the sociology and social work department if you have any questions or would like additional information.


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