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Careers in Sociology

We live in a time of rapid social change - it's impossible to know what lies ahead. Fortunately, a degree in sociology gives you a broad liberal arts education that will serve as the foundation for many career paths (some of which may not even exist yet).

FHSU Sociology graduates are very marketable because of our heavy emphasis on developing the skills employers most look for - skills like critical thinking, research, interviewing, grant writing, mediation and computer application.

Many students select sociology as a major because it develops the hard and soft skills that prepare them for:

  • Advanced degrees in law, education, counseling, and social research
  • Entry level positions throughout the business, government, non-profit and human services areas
  • Careers in research, politics, public relations, community development, non-profit management, and human resources

Here's a sampling of careers that sociology degree holders of today are enjoying. Note that some of these, (such as Lawyer or Marriage and Family Therapist), will require an advanced degree:

Adoption Agent
Alcohol and Drug Counselor
Battered Spouse Advocate
Bereavement Support Worker
Child Welfare Officer
Community Organizer
Congressional Aid
Corrections Case Worker
Crime Victim Criminologist
Director, Social Services Agency
Foster Care Worker
Human Rights Worker
Juvenile Justice Caseworker
Labor Relations Specialist
Marriage and Family Therapist
Minority & Race Relations Worker
News Correspondent
Nonprofit Director
Peace Corps/VISTA Worker
Policy Analyst
Political Systems Researcher
Public Relations Specialist
Rape/Crisis Intervention
Recreation Therapist
Research Scientist
Secret Service Agent
Social Entrepreneur
Substance Abuse Counselor
Urban/Regional Planner
Veterans Affairs Specialist
Youth Specialist Prevention Counselor


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