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What Others Have to Say about the Eight-Week Grant Writing Program

This training has been designed for organizations such as hospitals, schools, grass-roots community agencies, law enforcement, fire departments, emergency medical services, religious organizations and Native American Tribes. Dr. Campbell has trained thousands of individuals from all over the country who have brought literally millions of dollars to people in need.

"I had the opportunity to enroll in other proposal writing courses. However, the advantage of your program was to do the course online and be able to view your video as many times as necessary for reviews. This course is an excellent opportunity for any professional having a busy work and home life. Thank you!"
- Charlotte P.;
Community Relations Manager in a rural hospital in Kansas

"The course sure helped me see how unorganized my grant proposals actually appeared to the reviewers. The information was exactly what I needed without a lot of fluff. I'm especially appreciative of the part on common mistakes."
- Richard P., MD, PhD
Physician on an Indian reservation in Kansas

"I loved having the flexibility this class offered. My family had a lot of company during the class, so it was a huge relief not to have homework deadlines. That combined with the very user friendly guide book (thank you very much!) helped me learn what I needed to learn by the end of the class."- Terry M.
Business Manager in a rural hospital in Colorado

"For both the novice and veteran proposal writer, this class offers a blueprint for success in writing grant proposals. Along with the DVD, the clear and concise course guide takes you step-by-step through the proposal writing process."
- Gloria H.
Grant Proposal Writer for a rural hospital in Minnesota

"I am a novice grant writer and your course definitely gave me the information I need to produce quality proposals. The book was extremely helpful. I enjoyed the course and will recommend it to others."
- Jennifer C, Georgia

"I commend you on the book you created for the course. I was especially pleased with all the inside counsel you provided to help us avoid pitfalls. Thank you for taking the time to share with all of us your passion for proposal writing and your desire to help us."
- Iris. J.
Director of a school for abused and abandoned girls in Puerto Rico

"The content of the course is eminently and immediately practical. Dr. Campbell did an excellent job of personalizing the course. This is no small accomplishment given that it is offered online to students in a variety of disciplines who are spread across the country."
- Luke L.
Vice President of a rural hospital in Montana

"I was extremely pleased by the quality of instruction and the excellent reference materials provided in this course. I am excited about my certification and look forward to assisting many people in need."
- Dennis S.
Teacher in Virginia

"This course exceeded my expectations. The book is a handbook we can refer to in future proposal writing. Dr. Campbell's ongoing emails were encouraging, and the personal phone appointment with him provided helpful information in his knowledgeable and caring manner."
- Karen S.
Special Education Director in a rural hospital in Kansas

If you are still not sure if this class is right for you, contact us about the Eight Week Grant's Program and we would be happy to answer your questions.

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