Tiger Tots Nurtury Center Emergency Information

Fire and tornado evacuation plans are posted near the front door of the Center. We have regularly scheduled fire and tornado drills. The children are taught to listen to the teachers' directions. We will count everyone and exit the building in case of a fire. We will be out of the room and busy giving the children aid and comfort and will most likely not be able to answer the phone.

Fire Exit Plan
In the event that the fire alarm is activated the children will be brought into a group and counted. We will immediately proceed out of the north exit door. We will then exit through the south gate and wait by the designated tree on the east side of Tiger Tots. We will wait for the all clear signal to be given by campus security and return to our classroom or wait until all parent have been notified to pick their child up from the designated area.

Tornado Safety
The staff will take the children to shelter, in an area away from windows, in the event of a severe thunderstorm or a tornado warning. March through September are the months most likely to produce severe storms, although severe weather can occur at any time. The center hallway is the designated place in Rarick Hall to seek shelter. The staff has been instructed to position the children so that they are facing the wall and covering their heads with their hands.

Please remember that we will be in the hallway if severe weather is imminent. Our main objectives will be to keep the children safe and calm. We will remain in the hallway until we receive notification from campus police that the danger has passed and return to the classroom.

Bomb Threat Evacuation Plan
Several years ago there was a bomb scare at Rarick Hall. Due to this incident parents need to know our plan of action for a bomb threat. In the event of a bomb threat the building supervisor or university police will verbally notify the staff. The children will exit the building and walk to the Memorial Union. We will remain in the Union lobby (by the circular staircase) until the all clear signal is given. Parents who wish to pick up their children will need to use the circle drive on the west side of the Union. Parents who are already on campus may choose to join us in the Union. If you do join us remember that we are maintaining a calm and reassuring attitude to model to all of the children.

Snow Cancellations
Snow days are those rare days that Fort Hays State University closes due to severe winter weather. The Center will not open if FHSU officials announce that classes have been cancelled. Please listen to the MIX, 103.3, Y102, KAYS, or channel 10 to determine if classes are in session. Tiger Tots will be closed if classes are cancelled even if they announce that offices are open. Once again, if officials announce that classes are cancelled we will also be closed.

Flood Evacuation Plan
In the event that flooding occurs parents will be contacted by phone and requested to pick their children immediately if road conditions permit. In the event that it is impossible to get to the center safely, the children will remain at Tiger Tots until it is safe to pick them up.

Critical Injury
In the event a child acquired a serious injury while at the Center, the parents or other person listed on the emergency form will be contacted. If no one can be reached, we will call the physician you have listed. Tiger Tots does not have a physician so it is imperative that you have a physician to contact. If the injury was serious enough the child needed to go to the hospital and a parent could not be reached, a full-time staff member would accompany him/her until a parent arrived.

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