Current Constituency List

David Storer - - University Police, Memorial Union, and Senior Companion/Foster Grandparent

Rodney Leiker - - Skilled Crafts II, Facilities Planning, Warehouse, Motor Pool and Physical Plant

Patricia Duffey - - College of Arts & Sciences and Graduate School and KAMS and Computer Science and Info Systems Engineering

VACANT - Sternberg Museum & Security
Janice Basgall - - College of Health & Life Sciences, College of Business & Entrepreneurship and Forsyth Library
Kaleen Fisher - -Student Fiscal Services, Administration & Finance and Personnel
Roger Weigel - -Computing Center and Power Plant
Donna Augustine - - Grounds and Printing
Janice Napell - - Custodial Services I
Lisa Morgan - - Custodial Services II
Brady Richards - HHP Custodial, University Farm and Athletics
Jacquelyn Flax - Residential Life
VACANT - Admissions, Career Services, Financial Aid, Alumni and Student Affairs
VACANT - CTELT, College of Education & Technology, Virtual College and Strategic Partnerships
Christine Hunziker - - Provost's Office, University Relations, KSBDC, AACE President's Office, Registrar's Office, Docking Institute and Kelly Center
Mark Grieve - - Skilled Crafts I

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