Vice President for Student Affairs


The vision of the Division of Student Affairs is to create an unparalleled student experience
supporting and helping each member of our global community succeed.


The Division of Student Affairs stimulates diverse learning opportunities, reinforces student engagement,
and motivates students to think globally, discover their potential, and develop their
unique talents to become
citizen-leaders through innovative programs, environments, services, and relationships.



  • We value the success of each student. Students come first and are viewed as our primary partners.
  • We support and appreciate students, colleagues, alumni and community.
  • We inspire and facilitate diverse perspectives and experiences.
  • We are committed to lifelong learning and continuous improvement.
  • We actively practice professional development, are knowledgeable about our students, engage in evidence-based practice, and pursue university goals.
  • We recognize and practice the importance of life-work balance, safety, and healthy life styles.

2016-17 Story of Excellence

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