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Diane Pfeifer Scott Fund for Excellence in Student Affairs

Philanthropy does not fit into a box, but it makes the ultimate gift that keeps giving. Friends, mentors and students helped Virgil Scott make Christmas 2002 extra special for his wife Diane, former Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs at FHSU. Together, their contributions helped to surprise Diane with a fund established in her name to celebrate her passion for student affairs and to honor those she believes "selflessly give their hearts to students." Intentionally flexible, this endowment provides student affairs leaders with private dollars for the projects they believe are important for enhancing the student experience, but for which there is no funding. "Who we are, our purpose in life - that develops in the hallways. Often, it is a student affairs professional who coached and said, 'You can do it,'" Diane said. Gifts of all sizes join others' in the Diane Pfeifer Scott Fund for Excellence in Student Affairs to create more opportunities to inspire students to be strong, innovative, and world ready.

Program of Excellence - Peer Mentor Institute

invest in students

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