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Summer employment can provide critical income for students paying all or part of their own college tuition, but it is typified by low wages, long hours and often no connection to a student's area of academic study. A serviceship instead allows a student to forego that summer job and focus 8-12 weeks on full-time work at a nonprofit organization while earning a stipend. These experiences deepen students' sense of civic responsibility while encouraging self-reflection, exploration, and discovery.

Simply put, through Serviceships, students earn, learn and serve, turning their summer into a productive experience, while the community and the nonprofit also benefit from the high caliber of students at FHSU. Your gift to fund a stipend makes it all possible!

One Summer of Service Stipend Support $5,000 each
Each week of service, paid in a stipend, is offset by your gift of at least $500.
invest in students

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