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Faculty and Unclassified Staff Handbook
Chapter 2 -- Academic Affairs

Faculty Senate Standing Rules

Standing Rule #1:
Student Representation on Standing Committees: The Faculty Senate President is requested to invite the Student Senate President to appoint one nonvoting representative to each of the Faculty Senate Committees. Student alternates may also be appointed. (November 8, 1976)

Standing Rule #2:
Instrument for University Administration Response to Senate Actions: Appropriate instruments as approved by the Faculty Senate Executive Committee shall be used to transmit to the appropriate University official those senate recommendations requiring approval by the University President or Provost and senate resolutions directed toward the University President or Provost. (February 7, 1994)

Standing Rule #3:
Committee Proposals to be Considered at Senate Meetings: Committee reports to be brought before the senate for action at that meeting must be submitted to the senate membership before or at said meeting in typed form before senate action on said reports can be taken. (December 7, 1976)

Standing Rule #4:
Department Representation on Faculty Senate: Article III, Section 3:a, of the Bylaws of the Faculty Senate shall be interpreted to mean that the number of Faculty Senate representatives to which a department is entitled shall be based on headcount of those qualifying as teaching faculty in that department, in accord with Section 1 of the same article. (March 7, 1977; Repealed November 5, 2018)

Standing Rule #5:
Departmental Notification of Expiring Terms of Senators: The Bylaws and Standing Rules Committee shall notify the chair of each department of the expiring terms of senators and the election procedures for senate representatives and alternates (Article III, Sec. 3:c). (November 13, 1978; revised February 1994)

Standing Rule #6:
Rule on Senate Committee Records: Each standing committee shall have a secretary who shall maintain a record of committee meetings. These records shall include attendance, motions and actions of the committee, and the secretary shall send copies of these records to the Faculty Senate President and Vice President. (April, 1987)

Standing Rule #7:
Rule on Deposit of Minutes: It shall be the responsibility of the Faculty Senate Vice President to receive and deposit in the University Archives the minutes of the meetings of both Faculty Senate and its standing committees. (April, 1987)

Standing Rule #8:
Nomination of Candidates for Senate Offices: Each year the President of the Senate will chair a Nominating Committee. This Committee will be composed of the President of the Faculty Senate and the four most recent available Faculty senate presidents. The members of the Committee will be announced at the February meeting of the Senate. The task of the Committee will be to provide one or more candidates for each of the offices of Vice President of the Faculty Senate and Secretary of the Faculty Senate for next election. The nominations made by this Committee will be reported at the March meeting of the Senate. Standing Rule #8 shall be understood to supplement rather than replace Article IV, Sec. 1:c of the Bylaws; i.e., further nominations for either or both of the offices involved may be made from the floor prior to election.

Standing Rule #9:
Library Representation: See Article III, Sec. 3:c(4). For purposes of determining senate representation, the staff holding academic rank at Forsyth Library shall be considered a department and elect representatives accordingly. The appropriate Library staff may elect to be considered as a department of one of the academic Colleges of the campus for purposes of nomination by the Faculty Senate President as faculty representatives on College and University committees. Such election shall remain in effect until changed, and may not be changed sooner than two years after the previous election, unless the affected College ceases to exist. (June 5, 1984, revised April 4, 1994, revised February 26, 1996)

Revised (02-01-96).

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