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Faculty and Unclassified Staff Handbook
Chapter 3 -- Faculty: Employment, Tenure, Promotion, and Merit


The majority of campus faculty appointments are made for the academic year consisting of approximately nine months running from the beginning of academic activities in the fall through commencement in the spring. Some appointments are made for a twelve-month period coinciding with the fiscal year which begins on July 1.

Under Kansas law, all appointments expire at the end of the fiscal year. However, unless a faculty member has received an appointment which is explicitly understood not to be renewed, his/her appointment will be automatically renewed in accordance with the tenure policies of the Board of Regents (See "Academic Freedom" and "Tenure Policy"). Each faculty member receives a written statement which indicates his/her academic rank, salary, and length of appointment for the ensuing academic year; at present this notice is sent to him/her shortly after the budget has been approved by the Regents (usually early in May).

Appointments to Serve at the Pleasure of the CEO

Provosts, vice presidents, or executive vice chancellors, and deans shall serve at the pleasure of the university chief executive officer. Each state university chief executive officer shall designate a chief financial officer for the university, who shall serve at the pleasure of the university chief executive officer. Other University administrative staff positions may be designated as positions that serve at the pleasure of the chief executive officer or at the pleasure of the chief executive officer's designee: provided, however, that such will and pleasure designation is stated in the administrator's written annual notice of appointment. The Board shall be notified of the appointment of any provost, vice president, executive vice chancellor, chief financial officer or other position that reports directly to the university chief executive officer. Such notice shall be given after the appointment occurs and prior to its announcement. The Board shall be notified of the departure of any provost, vice president, executive vice chancellor, chief financial officer, or other position that reports directly to the university chief executive officer at the time the university chief executive officer becomes aware of the departure or planned departure.

Kansas Board of Regents: Policies and Procedures Manual.

Full-time Faculty

A full-time faculty member is defined as an individual who is tenured or on tenure track and whose work load is normally sixty percent teaching, twenty percent research/scholarly activities, and twenty percent service. The normal full-time teaching load given this formula is four, three-unit classes. The faculty member is normally appointed on a nine-month contract.

Full-time Temporary Faculty

A full-time temporary faculty member is employed for one academic year only. There is no expectation for reappointment beyond that contract.

Duties of the full-time temporary faculty member are to be identified in the contract. Duties may include instruction, research/creative activities and service responsibilities similar to other full-time faculty.

The full-time temporary faculty member may choose to apply for an available tenure-track position at FHSU. The application will be treated in a fashion similar to all other applicants. At the time of employment within the tenure track, the full-time temporary faculty member may apply for up to two (2) years of credit on the tenure track. This credit might include full-time employment at FHSU and other institutions of higher education. The decision to accept any or all of these years is retained by this university.

Approved by President Edward H. Hammond (04-10-91). Revision approved by President (04-2010). Revised per General Counsel to correspond with KBOR Policy (07-15-16).

Part-time Temporary Faculty

A part-time faculty member is one who is employed for less than one (1) FTE. Teaching loads may vary given the percent of time employed.

Special Adjunct Professors


1. Special adjunct professors shall be appointed on a one-year basis.

2. They are honorary appointments of individuals who are currently providing academic services to academic departments and their students; appointments are normally not associated with payment. (Continuing education faculty are not associated with the adjunct professors.)

3. May be initiated by a department and pertain to that department, i.e., Special Adjunct Professor of Chemistry, etc.

4. Recommendations for these appointments will be initiated by the department, approved by the college dean, and are due in the Office of the Provost by September 1 of the academic year.

5. Individuals will be appointed by a letter from the provost.

Approved by Council of Deans (10-02-02).

Teaching Schedules

All faculty shall be provided with the opportunity to review their assigned teaching schedule before it is submitted to the administration for publication. Subsequent changes should be made only in consultation with the affected faculty member(s).

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