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Faculty and Unclassified Staff Handbook
Chapter 3 -- Faculty: Employment, Tenure, Promotion, and Merit 

Travel and Subsistence Allowance for Candidates Interviewed

1. Candidates' actual and necessary travel and subsistence expenses will be paid as an honorarium supported by original receipts. Lodging can be paid by using a department P-Card or paid by the candidate and reimbursed on the Candidate Receipt Form. Airfare, meals, rental cars, rental car fuel, tolls, and all miscellaneous expenses must be paid by the candidate. The candidate can be reimbursed for meals by the per diem meal allowance (deducting provided meals) or actual meal cost by submitting the original meal receipts. All original receipts paid by the candidate should be given to the department for reimbursement. Departments are to obtain a W-9 (or W-8Ben) while candidate is on campus if the candidate will receive reimbursement. They will be informed in advance that they will be expected to pay their own expenses and keep the receipts. Hardship exceptions can be approved by the dean or director.

2. An Expense Report will be submitted in Workday with receipts attached. The Expense Report shall contain the following information regarding the candidate to be paid: a) dates of appearance, and b) position(s) applied for.

3. All travel and subsistence allowances paid to candidates interviewing for positions within a "college" will be charged to the appropriate dean's cost center. When recruitment is for a dean, director, etc., the expenditure will be charged to the appropriate vice president's cost center.

Revised and approved by President's Cabinet (11-01-88).
Revision approved by Vice President for Administration and Finance (07-22-13, 12-11-17).


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