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Faculty and Unclassified Staff Handbook
Chapter 3 -- Faculty: Employment, Tenure, Promotion, and Merit

Emeritus Faculty

Emeritus/Emerita status is an honorary title awarded to a retiring faculty member or administrator for extended meritorious service. Each state university shall establish its own criteria for awarding such status to university faculty and other administrators. Emeritus/Emerita status requires approval by the chief executive officer of the employing institution. There is no salary or emolument attached to the status other than such privileges as the institution may wish to extend.

Kansas Board of Regents: Policies and Procedures Manual.

Each department or administrative unit may nominate its retiring members for emeritus status, subject to the approval of the president of the university. The criteria for being granted the status of emeritus at Fort Hays State University are as follows:

1. The retiring faculty member must have served Fort Hays State University for at least ten years of full-time employment, and

2. at the time of retirement must hold the rank of assistant professor or higher, or an equivalent administrative rank, and

3. a written recommendation, documenting the employee's meritorious contributions to higher education and Fort Hays State University, must be made by the department or unit where the employee worked.

Exceptions to the above criteria may be granted by the president of Fort Hays State University for exceptional contributions to higher education. Such exceptional contributions may be made on the basis of outstanding teaching, scholarship, or other similar achievements.

Approved by President Edward H. Hammond (03-10-97).

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