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Faculty and Unclassified Staff Handbook
Chapter 3 -- Faculty: Employment, Tenure, Promotion, and Merit

Salaries, Overload/Replacement/Part-Time Adjunct/Professional Unclassified Staff


A faculty member may become unable to teach an assigned on-campus or virtual course during the regular academic year. A department chair may address these circumstances by identifying a full-time, core faculty member or part-time adjunct instructor to teach the required course on an overload/replacement basis. Department chairs may also identify professional unclassified staff members to teach overload on-campus or virtual classes.

Payment Procedures

1. The standard rate of remuneration per credit hour for all nine-month, core faculty teaching in an overload status to replace an assigned course instructor during the Fall/Spring semesters is 20 percent of 1/9 of the reassigned instructor's regular academic year base salary. Department chairs are considered "core faculty" and their salary is calculated according to the above standard rate.

2. The standard rate of remuneration for professional unclassified staff is calculated by converting the 12-month base salary to an 11-month equivalent (divide 12-month base by 11). Multiply that figure by 20% times credit hours to a maximum of $3,095. If this figure is less than $2,495, then they will be paid based upon the part-time salary scale with the starting salary of $2,495 up to a maximum of $3,095 after completion of 10 years of teaching experience. Full-time professional staff shall teach not more than 6 credit hours of overload during a semester.

3. The rate of remuneration per course for a part-time adjunct instructor hired to replace a full-time, core faculty member to teach either on or off-campus will be as follows:

Years of Service as Adjunct Salary per "0" Courses Per Hour Salary for Other Type Courses
0-3 $2495 $832
4-6 $2695 $898
7-10 $2895 $965
11 and above $3095 $1032

1.  Faculty will be paid $15 per credit hour for each student above 40 in an off-campus class.

2.  All off-campus courses with enrollment below 10 will be pro-rated.

3.  This payment schedule applies to all new on-campus part-time adjuncts.


Endorsed by Faculty Senate in consultation with President Hammond (4/00).
Revision of salary scale approved by President Hammond (05/03/06).
Revision approved by Academic Council (01/06/14) and President's Internal Staff Meeting (01/13/14).
Revision of salary scale approved by Vice President of Administration and Finance (06/14/17).

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