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Faculty and Unclassified Staff Handbook
Chapter 3 -- Faculty: Employment, Tenure, Promotion, and Merit

Salaries, Seasonal


The provost is provided a limited amount of "seasonal" monies each fiscal year to fund additional sections of high enrollment classes or meet the need for a special class/learning experience not identified in the development of the original schedule of classes for a semester.

Payment Procedures

1. The standard rate of remuneration per credit hour for all nine-month, core faculty teaching a course funded by seasonal monies is 20 percent of 1/9 of the instructor's regular academic year base salary. Salaries for chairs and other administrators teaching these courses will be calculated on the nine month component of a 12-month contract.

2. The rate of remuneration per course for part-time adjunct instructor teaching a course supported by seasonal monies will be as follows:

Years of Service as Adjunct Salary per "0" Courses Per Hour Salary for Other Type Courses
0-3 $2495 $832
4-6 $2695 $898
7-10 $2895 $965
11 and above $3095 $1032

1.  Faculty will be paid $15 per credit hour for each student above 40 in an off-campus class.

2.  All off-campus courses with enrollment below 10 will be pro-rated.

3.  This payment schedule applies to all new on-campus part-time adjuncts eliminating the prior on-campus model of $2500 and $3000.

3. Deans/chairs should submit requests for use of seasonal monies to the provost. No contract requests will be processed unless prior permission to fund a class has been granted from the provost. Salaries must be negotiated for longevity before a contract will be issued. A budget assignment form (available in the Office of the Provost) will be signed by the provost and submitted to Office of the Provost staff for processing.

Revision approved by President Hammond (5/3/06).
Revision of salary scale approved by Vice President of Administration and Finance (06/14/17).

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