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Faculty and Unclassified Staff Handbook
Chapter 4 -- Faculty: Benefits, Responsibilities, and Specific Requirements

Policy for Provision and Use of Faculty Office Space

Faculty members are provided with office space for their use during their tenure at Fort Hays State University. Offices are to be used for conducting Fort Hays State University business and functions relating to the faculty member's FHSU assignment(s)

Faculty members may decorate, equip and use offices as they see fit within the faculty's assignment. This use is limited to use consistent with proper University decorum and appropriate taste. The University reserves the right to enter offices as needed. The University reserves the right to require individual faculty members to remove items from their offices for health and safety reasons.
Individual faculty members may choose to bring personal items into their office to assist in comfort, education, research and other matters as deemed appropriate by the faculty member. If warranted, faculty should be aware that the University reserves the right to seal the office until a complete inventory of the contents is taken. Office items will remain secured until such time as an appropriate inventory is completed. Items may then be removed by appropriate relatives, friends or other designees of the faculty or in accordance with court orders. The individual removing such items must sign for items removed.

Approved by Cabinet (01-03-01).

See also Chapter 6, Offices and Assigned Space, Policy on Personalization and Modification of

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