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Faculty and Unclassified Staff Handbook
Chapter 5 -- Faculty: Leaves, Insurance, and Retirement Benefits


Ethical Considerations

1. Notice of continuing appointment or reappointment with the conditions of the appointment are mailed soon after the May meeting of the Board of Regents. It is assumed that, if resignations have not been received by the president previous to this time or within ten (10) working days after the mailing of the notification of continuing appointment, reappointment, or appointment, faculty/unclassified staff members are accepting their continuing appointment, reappointment, or appointment for another academic year and can be depended upon to continue their duties.

2. When negotiations are in progress for a position on another campus or work site, the individual should notify his/her supervisor of the negotiations. Although ethical considerations encourage this type of communication, the university recognizes notification is not always feasible.

3. The acceptance of an appointment elsewhere should always be followed by a prompt letter of resignation to the Provost or appropriate vice president.

4. The resignation of a faculty/unclassified staff member causes a number of changes, such as adjustments in colleague workloads, availability of courses for students, and advising assignments. There are administrative costs as well for searches. Thus, faculty/unclassified staff members are not expected to resign after June 30.


1. A signed letter of resignation shall be submitted in Workday and addressed to the Provost or the appropriate vice president. In submitting letters of resignation, the reasons should be specified as well as the effective date.

2. The Provost or appropriate vice president will acknowledge the resignation on behalf of the University.  The President, Dean, Chair or Director, and Human Resources will be notified when acknowledgement is sent.

Determination of Benefits

1. Due to state regulations on benefits, benefits cease the last day worked on the current notice of continuing appointment, reappointment, or appointment regardless of the effective date of the resignation.

2. A letter of resignation should be submitted a minimum of 30 days prior to the effective date of the resignation to manage pay-out of salary and fringe benefits.

Return of Equipment/Closure of Accounts and Projects

1. Before leaving campus, all library materials, equipment checked out from Technology Services, or any equipment or remaining supplies purchased with State of Kansas or FHSU Foundation funds or from Graduate School research grants, external grants, or external contracts must be returned.

2. Faculty/unclassified staff members holding external grants, research grants, external contracts, or external research contracts should consult the Grants Office and the Business Office in order that proper arrangements may be made for the liquidation or transfer of the grant and the proper disposition of any equipment or supplies secured under the grant or contract.

Exit Interviews

1. Exit interviews at the department or office level are conducted by the chair or director. Prior to the time of the exit interview, office keys, departmental or university equipment, and library or other materials are to be returned (see Building Access Policy). The Faculty and Unclassified Staff Handbook, The Comprehensive Faculty Evaluation and Development Handbook, and the Faculty Academic Advising Handbook should remain in the faculty member's office.

2. Exit interviews for the coordination of benefits are conducted by the Director of the Human Resource Office. Since state regulations are the guiding policies and procedures for benefits, the Director will explain the last day for paid health insurance, paid life insurance, vacation pay if appropriate, and other benefit issues.

3. When requested, a final exit interview is conducted by the Provost or the appropriate vice president.

Approved by President Edward H. Hammond (02-19-99).
Revision adopted by President's Cabinet (01-31-07)
Notification revision approved by Provost (12-19-17)


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