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Faculty and Unclassified Staff Handbook Chapter 7-- Student Affairs

Nontraditional Student Services and Policy Document

Admission and Academic Policy


Undergraduate students whose circumstances are described by one or more of the following categories are considered nontraditional:

  1.  adults 24 years of age or older,
  2.  veterans of the armed forces of the United States,
  3.  married students, and
  4.  students who have legal dependents.

Academic Regulations


Degree-Seeking Students: Nontraditional students who desire to earn a baccalaureate or associate degree should apply and pay the application fee on-line at

Non-Degree-Seeking Students: Individuals whose immediate and declared objective is other than the earning of a baccalaureate or associate degree at the University may be admitted as regular nontraditional students using the same link noted above.

Academic Performance

See the University Catalog for "Academic Probation and Suspension."


Many nontraditional students face a time of uncertainty when they first enroll in college. To help alleviate the anxiety that often occurs during the registration and enrollment processes, a special time has been set aside for registering such students. Dates and times can be learned by communication with the Office of Student Affairs.

Nontraditional Student Support Services

Nontraditional students may have special concerns when returning to the formal classroom. Therefore, the University has formalized a number of programs, services, policies, and procedures to ease the barriers to successful class work for those who do not fit the traditional profile of the college student. FHSU hopes to better meet the needs of those who want to take courses for concerns such as self enrichment, job advancement, career change, and professional certification. To this end, a number of services have been identified specifically for these students. They include tutoring, skill building classes, career counseling, career planning and testing.

The University has available a full array of counseling services. Referrals are available on campus for educational, career, and personal counseling at no charge to the enrolled student. The Kelly Center acts as the referral source for personal and career counseling services as well as providing many of those services.

Personal Counseling

Nontraditional students who attend college often have different interests and needs than do typical students. The counselors in the Kelly Center have had substantial experience in working with students who are entering or returning to college for either part-time or full-time coursework. They are committed to helping such students maximize their University experiences.

While personal counseling is available throughout the day and by appointment in the evening to discuss personal and professional concerns, academic counseling concerning degree programs should be directed to individual student academic advisors. Students can find the individual advisor assigned to them on Tiger Enroll or by contacting the Registrar’s Office. Academic counseling is available for students whether they are choosing single courses or planning individualized programs at FHSU.


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