Faculty and Unclassified Staff Handbook
Chapter 1 -- General Policies

Administrative Offices

Alcohol, Service and Consumption of, on Campus


Attorney General Opinions

Campus Directory

Campus Facilities, Use of

Child Sexual Abuse Reporting

Communications with the Board

Computing Resources, Use of

Crime Reporting

Criminal Background Checks for Employees, Policies and Procedures  

Criminal Background Checks for Students Engaging in Clinicals 

Discrimination and Harassment Complaint Procedure  

Employee Enrollment in Courses


Employment of Non-U.S. Citizen


Equal Employment Opportunity

Evacuation of Facilities

External Grievance Procedure

Faculty and Unclassified Staff Handbook

Faculty Hearings and Appeals Procedures

Harassment Policy



Identity Theft Prevention Program

Intellectual Property Policy

Internet Access Policy

Leave Reporting Process

Long Distance Telephone Calls

Lost and Found

Mobile Computing Security Policy

Nepotism (formerly Employment of Relatives/Conflict of Interest)  

News Releases and Information

Non-Discrimination, Notice of

Notice of Non-Discrimination, Notice of Accessibility and Equal Employment Opportunity (Formerly Affirmative Action) Program

Official Hospitality

Petitions Regarding Employment-Related Matters of State Employees

Policy Development and Publication, University

Political Activity of Faculty

Possession of Firearms and Munitions on Campus

Posthumous Degrees

Public Documents, Fees for Access to or Copies of

Public Relations of the University

Regents Policies and Procedures

Safety, Workplace and Campus

Service Approach to Addressing Campus Needs Policy

Skateboards, Skates and Bicycles, Use of

Timely Warnings to the University Community

Tobacco Usage Policy

Tuition Assistance Program for Employees, Spouses and Dependents

University General Catalog

User Fee Policy

Website Advertising

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The information in this document is provided for informational purposes only. It is not intended to create additional contractual obligations or benefits.

NOTE: The provisions published in this Faculty and Staff Handbook are for general information only. Members of the collective bargaining unit represented by the Fort Hays State University chapter of the American Association of University Professors should consult the current Memorandum of Agreement for current terms and conditions applicable to bargaining unit members.


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