Area of Emphasis: Child Development

To receive an emphasis Child Development, the student must complete 12 of the 15 credit hours listed below from the College of Education and Technology. A sample of courses might include but are not limited to:

TEEC 321 The Young Child (3) (Spring)
A child growth and development course dealing with the physical, cognitive, social, emotional, language, and moral aspects of the child from birth up to the school-age years.

TEEL 230 Diverse Learners (3) (Fall, Spring, Summer)
The focus of this course is on cultural issues related to child development.

TEEL 231 Human Growth & Development (3) (Fall, Spring, Summer)
A study of the development of the individual over the total life-span. Special attention is given to physical, social, sexual, emotional, intellectual, and linguistic development.

TEEL 260 Children's Literature (3) (Fall, Spring, Summer)
This course is designed to give the student a wide background in literature appropriate for use with children birth to 7. Pre-reading and early reading skills will be emphasized.

TEEL 340 The Effective Classroom (3) (Fall, Spring, Summer)
This class is designed for pre-service teachers who will learn to set up, plan, and implement effective teaching and discipline strategies to optimize students' on-task time. This course covers responsibility and accountability of teachers when running an effective classroom. The principles can be applied to all settings and all grade levels.

TECS 301 Introduction to Instructional Technology (3) (Fall, Spring, Summer)
This course provides experience in the application of instructional media and technologies for future teachers. Course content will apply to a variety of instructional settings.

TESP 302 Educating Exceptional Students (3) (Fall, Spring, Summer)
A survey of the principal types of exceptional children. Emphasis is on understanding the adjustment and development difficulties of such children and the implications of these difficulties in the educational process.

TESP 320 Programs, Procedures & Issues in Special Education (3) (Fall, Spring, Summer)
This course provides the student with information on special education programming including legal and ethical perspectives; pre-referral; placement individual education program plans; parent conferencing, and colleague consultation and collaboration.

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