Explore Your Options, Explore Your Field

Create the foundations of a flexible degree with advanced applications that fit your world of interests.


The Associate of General Studies degree prepares students for a future in whichever direction their ambition, passion and experimentation takes them. At Fort Hays State, we are dedicated to providing the opportunities that make this journey of transformation inspiring and genuine for the successes ahead.



When you complete your two-year experience with an Associate of General Studies degree, you will be standing on the proper foundation to elevate your future. Continuing your education journey from that turning point is everything you make of it, with an array of areas that you can choose to emphasize and innovate within.


Faculty and Staff

Our faculty and staff will help you plan your curriculum and concentration and keep you on track throughout the program, ensuring you have the individualized attention and related resources to successfully complete your degree.


Upcoming Events

26 FEB

TILTed Tech Mini-Conference: Methods for Informing Instruction

Memorial Union, UN 222 - Stouffer Lounge Tuesday, ...more

27 FEB

Nicodemus, KS: A Story of Black Migration to Western Kansas

Forsyth Library, FL South Study Area Wednesday, F ...more

01 MAR

KAMS Pre-Enrollment

Memorial Union, UN 136 - Meadowlark Room Friday, ...more

01 MAR

KAMS Pre-Enrollment

Memorial Union, UN 215 - Smoky Hill Room Friday, ...more