Area of Emphasis: Communication Studies

To receive an emphasis in Communication Studies, the student must complete 12 credit hours from the Department of Communication Studies. A sample of courses might include but are not limited to:

COMM120 Introduction to Theatre: (3)
Overview of theatre. Students will be exposed to theatre history, playscripts, and the process of producing plays. Co-requisite COMM120L required only for communication majors. Requisites: co-requisite, COMM120L.

COMM128 Mass Media in a Free Society (3)
Survey course examining newspapers, magazines, and other areas of print and mass communications. Basic principles of journalism writing are considered.

COMM318 Communication in Human Organizations (3)
Analysis of the functions of communication in organizational settings. Emphasis is placed on organizational structures and their effect on the communication process.

COMM304 Intermediate Interpersonal Communication (3)
Course examines speech principles and practices relevant to effective person-to-person and small group communication. Requisites: PR, COMM100.

COMM208 Communication and the Information Society (3)
Examines the global communication intensive society of the present and future. Study of the forms, processes, and functions of communication focusing on the role of communication in creating and shaping our attitudes and behaviors. Requisites: COMM100, Non-Lab Pre-Requisite

COMM306 Argumentation and Debate (3)
Course provides a study of theory and practice of argumentation and academic debate.

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