Area of Emphasis: Health Promotion

To receive an emphasis in Health Promotion, the student must complete 12 credit hours from the Department of Health and Human Performance. A sample of courses might include but are not limited to:

HHP 200 Personal Wellness (3)
This course provides a survey of health and fitness concepts and practices related to the dynamic nature of positive wellness knowledge and behavior.

HHP 210 Introduction to Health and Human Performance (3)
Provides prospective physical educators with an insight into physical education and sport so they may obtain a basic understanding of the profession.

HHP 220 Responding to Emergencies (3)
This course meets the requirements for the American Red Cross Certificates: Responding to Emergencies and Community CPR.

HHP 230 Principles of Nutrition (3)
Essential nutrients for health, body process, food fads, and fallacies with emphasis on the scientific basis of nutrition.

HHP 312 Fitness Leadership (2)
Concepts and skills of planning, delivering, and evaluating physical fitness programs will be developed. Class leadership skills and applications of educational principles will be emphasized.

HHP 617 Nutrition and Aging (2)
The study of nutrition and how it relates to the process of aging and the health status of the aging population. The course focuses on the six nutrients, cultural aspects related to food intake, and the relationship between nutrition and health as we age, and research in nutrition related to the aging process. Requisites: Sophomore standing or higher.


HHP 619 Exercise Testing and Prescription for the Elderly (2)
This course provides a basis for understanding the process of planning and implementing exercise programs to improve health and functional capacity of elderly individuals. Implications of exercise related research with elderly populations will be emphasized. Requisites: PR, sophomore standing or higher.

Health Education courses

HHP 310 Consumer Health (2)
This course deals with critical analysis and evaluation of health appraisal techniques; federal and state legislation affecting consumer health.

HHP 314 Issues in Health Education (2)
A review of sensitive and controversial issues relevant to health education. Students will be instructed in topics associated with health education issues, as related to nutrition, individual health, community health and STD's, that are important to the family and the individual.

HHP 320 Communicable and Emergent Diseases (2)
Principles and practices in the cause, symptoms, transmission, prevention, and control of various diseases of man in the community.

HHP 400 Safety Education (2)
This course examines theories of accident causation and various methods of preventing accidents in schools, work, home, and recreational settings.

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