Area of Emphasis: Leadership Studies

To receive an emphasis in Leadership Studies, students must complete 12 credit hours from the Department of Leadership Studies. A sample of courses might include but are not limited to:

LDRS 300: Introduction to Leadership Concepts (3)
This course will actively engage students in the acquisition of information about historical and contemporary theories, concepts, and issues associated with leadership. Students will be exposed to the nature of leadership through presentation of objective material, through group activities, and through laboratory exercises.

LDRS 302: Introduction to Leadership Behaviors (3)
An interdisciplinary course designed to introduce the student to the tasks, strategies, and skills of effective leadership. Course activities will move the student from theory to the practical processes of leadership. Basic concepts essential to personal skills development and organizational leadership behavior are included. PR, LDRS 300 or PERM.

LDRS 310: Fieldwork in Leadership Studies (3)
This interdisciplinary course is designed to provide the student with an awareness and understanding of current issues relating to the nature and tasks of collaborative leadership behavior. The student is asked to identify an issue or problem and practice leadership by developing and implementing a community project. PR, LDRS 300, LDRS 302 or PERM.

LDRS 306: Leadership and Team Dynamics (3)
Teambuilding, teamwork, and team leading draws information from a wide variety of disciplines to introduce students to the ever important topic of teaming.

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