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Credential file information

Education majors are encouraged to establish a credential file before you start your student teaching. A Credential file is a packet of information that is sent to prospective school districts when a candidate is applying for teaching positions. Credential files consist of a records release form, resume, transcript, and recommendation letters. Follow the checklist below to establish your file.

  • Sign a Records Release Authorization form, which establishes either a closed or open credential file.
  • Upload your 1-2 page resume into Careers for Tigers.
  • Send an official transcript to Career Services from the Registrar's Office to be included in your credential file. The transcript request form may be found online or you may stop by the Registrar's office in Picken Hall 302. Please note that only FHSU transcripts are included in the file.
  • Turn in letters of recommendation (3-5 suggested) to Career Services. The online recommendation forms may be found below. Make sure to check with Career Services periodically on the status of your recommendations.

Your file is now ready to go! Simply call 785-628-4260, email, or fill out the online credential request form to have Career Services mail your file to a prospective employer.


Credential File Quicklinks:

Credential File Information - Informational guide packed with information about the components of the credential file, when to send out the credential file and FHSU's credential file billing policy.
Recommendation Forms - Print open or confidential recommendation forms.
Teaching Resume Examples - View resume examples for education majors.
University Course Sheet - Only FHSU transcripts may be included in your credential file. If you have taken additional classes from another university that you would like included in your file, those classes must be typed and submitted on this form.
On-line Credential Request Form - Use this online form to submit your credential request to the Career Services Office.

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