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Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders
Fort Hays State University
600 Park Street
Albertson Hall 131
Phone: 785-628-5366
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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the clinic located?

  • The Herndon Clinic is located on the campus of Fort Hays State University in Alberston Hall, Room 131. Directions to the clinic will be included with your appointment letter.

Is it true that students provide the services at the Herndon Clinic?

  • Yes. Graduate and undergraduate students majoring in speech-language pathology provide all services including evaluations, screenings and therapy sessions under the direct supervision of licensed, certified speech-language pathologists and audiologists. Each client's therapy program is developed based on the latest evidence-based research practices to provide you high quality, comprehensive evaluation and treatment programs.

How do I schedule an appointment?

  • Contact our main office number at (785) 628-5366. A case history form will be mailed and after we receive the form back, an appointment will be scheduled. Appointments are scheduled when our academic semesters are in session. There are periods between semesters when the clinic is closed.

What can I expect at my first appointment?

  • When you come to the Herndon Clinic for your first appointment, clinical faculty and students take you through a comprehensive assessment to better understand you or your family member's situation and desired outcomes. We will then consult with you and/or your family regarding the clinical findings and make treatment recommendations.

Do I have to receive services at Herndon Clinic once I've been evaluated?

  • No. If services are recommended, you may choose the facility where you would like to receive services.

Do I have to be evaluated at the Herndon Clinic to receive therapy services there?

  • No. If clients have been evaluated at another facility, such as a school or a private speech clinic, they may be eligible to start services at the Herndon Clinic.

Will therapy be observed by anyone other than family?

  • Because we are a teaching clinic, therapy may be observed by student observers enrolled in communication disorders classes. These students receive training in confidentiality and professionalism prior to observing.

How long will I receive services?

  • The decision about continued services is a collaborative decision made between the client and/or client's family members, the clinician, and the supervisor.

Are services covered by insurance, Medicaid, or Medicare?

  • Depending on your insurance coverage, services may be covered by your plan. We do offer a sliding scale for clients who qualify. For more information regarding fees and billing, please contact our Office Manager at (785) 628-5366.

In the even that I need to cancel a session, what should I do?

  • If you must cancel a session, please call the Herndon Clinic front office at (785) 628-5366 as early as possible prior to the scheduled session. Office hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m. You may leave a message on our voice mail after hours.

We strive to provide you and your family exceptional service and a great deal of personal attention. We measure our success by the improvement in the quality of life in the people we serve. Feel free to call our clinic if you have any questions.


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