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The Robbins Banking Institute


Why is Fort Hays State University establishing a Banking Institute?

The banking industry is undergoing significant transformations. There is a greater need for banks to acquire well-prepared loan and compliance officers and other leadership staff.

Banking industry representatives have encouraged FHSU to offer finance courses online to meet needs of rural banks and other Kansas banks who face difficulty finding qualified employees. They have overwhelmingly validated the need for FHSU to educate students for certificate programs and undergraduate and master degrees.

What is the focus?

The focus of the curriculum will be on commercial banking with additional coursework available related to agriculture lending.

  • FHSU will produce crucial banking professional for the state.
  • FHSU will host the only banking institute in Kansas!
  • Included will be both on-campus and online programs.
  • FHSU will strive to produce more traditionally aged, on-campus finance majors with a concentration in banking. It will do so through a vibrant academic program tied closely with the Kansas banking community.
  • FHSU will establish a strong and valuable internship program for the on-campus students.
  • FHSU will develop online programs to reach place-bound students, including non-traditional banking professionals who seek additional education and/or certificates.

How has the FHSU Robbins Banking Institute become a reality?

Base funding for the Robbins Banking Institute was part of a major gift by W.R. and Yvonne Robbins of Farmers Bank and Trust.

Who will be the director for the Robbins Banking Institute?

Alan Deines is the first director for the Robbins Banking Institute. He has more than 37 years of banking experience and has worked with hundreds of banks from Wyoming to Illinois and from South Dakota to Oklahoma, dealing with regulatory problems, management issues, mergers, and acquisitions. His experience has also included time in Siberia and eastern Russia advising on issues related to Russia's economic collapse in the 1990s, and later as an advisor in the Republic of Georgia, in Yemen and Iraq.

Contact Information for the Robbins Banking Institute

For more information about the Robbins Banking Institute, contact Alan Deines at 785-639-2297 or by email to

Dedication and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for the Robbins Banking Institute

The dedication and ribbon cutting ceremony for the Robbins Banking Institute was held on Friday, August 25, 2017. The following link will direct you to the official FHSU press release for the ribbon cutting ceremony:

Interested in Learning More About the Banking Programs at FHSU

For detailed information on the Banking Certificate, Banking Minor, and BBA Degree with a Major in Finance (Banking Concentration), download the pdf file below.

Study Banking at Fort Hays State University

For information on scholarships available to banking students, please visit our banking scholarships web page.

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