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Bachelor of Arts in English, Literature Concentration

The Literature concentration combines coursework in American, English, and comparative literature. You'll learn to think critically and communicate with clarity while enlarging your experience of being in the world.

Our literary and arts journal Lines from the Middle of Nowhere gives you the chance to participate in all stages of the publishing process. You'll also have opportunities to attend conferences and exchange ideas with students across the country.

Program Summary: 124 Credit Hours

English Core Courses: 21 Credit Hours

  • ENG 125 World Literature and the Human Experience; ENG 126 Introduction to Literature; or ENG 327 Introduction to Fiction
  • ENG 307 Introduction to Literary Analysis and Theory (Spring)
  • ENG 251 Survey of American Literature I (Fall)
  • ENG 252 Survey of American Literature II (Spring)
  • ENG 261 Survey of English Literature I (Spring)
  • ENG 262 Survey of English Literature II (Fall)
  • ENG 446 Advanced Composition (Spring)
  • ENG 099 Senior Course Paper

Literature Concentration Requirements: 18 Credit Hours

American Literature

  • Two 600-level courses (652, 653, 654, 655)

English Literature

  • Two 600-level courses (662, 663, 664)

General and Comparative Literature (one course)

  • ENG 625 Theories of Literature
  • ENG 691 Literature in Translation
  • ENG 692 Theme Studies in Literature
  • ENG 693 World Literature
  • ENG 694 Mythology
  • ENG 695 Comparative Studies in Literature

Language/Linguistics (one course)

  • ENG 680 Introduction to Linguistic Science
  • ENG 682 Traditional English Grammar
  • ENG 683 History of the English Language
  • ENG 685 Modern Grammar and Usage

General Education Courses: 65 Credit Hours

Free Electives: 20 Credit Hours (Needed to meet the requirement of 124 credit hours for a BA. May be used to complete a minor or to take any courses of interest.)

Download program requirements for the BA in English, Literature Concentration.

Download the FHSU General Education Checklist (PDF)

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