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Bachelor of Arts in English, Teaching Concentration

The Teaching concentration prepares you to develop classroom strategies under the guidance of experienced faculty who have taught extensively in secondary school settings. Through this concentration, you will build upon your engagement with literature, language and linguistics, and writing, applying your skills to teaching methods through core classes such as Young Adult Literature and Techniques of Teaching English. This program of study provides significant content, theory, and instructional techniques and results in two diplomas: Bachelor of Arts in English and Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education.

Through observing secondary school classes, developing connections with professional educators, exploring learning styles and academic standards for teaching, and preparing lesson plans, students in the Teaching concentration develop relevant skills and approaches that account for diverse learning styles and teaching philosophies. Students will also have the opportunity to team teach in a secondary classroom and present lessons prior to student teaching. By design, these varied and practical experiences ensure preparedness for the capstone semester when Teaching concentration students will work with a teacher in an English classroom.

Program of Study: 148 Credit Hours

English Core Courses: 21 Credit Hours

  • ENG 125 World Literature and the Human Experience; ENG 126 Introduction to Literature; or ENG 327 Introduction to Fiction
  • ENG 307 Introduction to Literary Analysis and Theory (Spring)
  • ENG 251 Survey of American Literature I (Fall)
  • ENG 252 Survey of American Literature II (Spring)
  • ENG 261 Survey of British Literature I (Spring)
  • ENG 262 Survey of British Literature II (Fall)
  • ENG 446 Advanced Composition (Fall)
  • ENG 099 Senior English Portfolio

Teacher Education Requirements: 13 Credit Hours

  • ENG 277 Early Field Experience: English Education
  • ENG 482 English Grammar (Fall)
  • ENG 415 Techniques of Teaching English (Fall)
  • ENG 648 Theories of Rhetoric and Composition (Fall)
  • ENG 497 Young Adult Literature (Fall)

Major Electives: 18 Credit Hours

American Literature

  • Two 600-level courses (652, 653, 654, 655)

English Literature

  • Two 600-level courses (662, 663, 664)

General and Comparative Literature (one course)

  • ENG 625 Theories of Literature
  • ENG 691 Literature in Translation
  • ENG 692 Theme Studies in Literature
  • ENG 693 World Literature
  • ENG 694 Mythology
  • ENG 695 Comparative Studies in Literature

Language/Linguistics (one course)

  • ENG 680 Introduction to Linguistic Science
  • ENG 683 History of the English Language
  • ENG 685 Modern Grammar and Usage

Secondary Education Courses: 31 Credit Hours

General Education Courses: 65 Credit Hours (includes Modern Language requirements)

Total: 148 Credit Hours

Download the Secondary Education Checklist (PDF) for English majors in the teaching concentration.

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