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Bachelor of Arts in English, Writing Concentration

The Writing concentration gives students the opportunity to practice and reflect upon writing, editing, and reading skills in courses ranging from professional editing to creative writing workshops. Additionally, students can learn about theories of rhetoric, composition, and linguistics, which will complement their developing skills.

Writing concentration classes encourage habits of mind necessary for the craft and processes of writing. You will learn strategies for producing, editing, and publishing your work in several genres. You will learn about situating writing in rhetorical, literary, professional, and community-based contexts. You will critically reflect upon the significance of composing and publishing texts for particular audiences and rhetorical situations. A Writing Internship course helps you put that expertise to work as you write and edit for campus and community organizations. Finally, you will showcase your writing in an electronic portfolio, where you can draw upon the many kinds of writing you have done in your classes.

Under the guidance of experienced professors who are published writers, students will also have the opportunity to contribute to departmental and university publications. All Writing concentration students will work together to write, design, and edit the Post Parade, the department's alumni newsletter. Students also have the opportunity to intern with professional publications such as Fort Hays Studies and Teacher-Scholar: The Journal of the State Comprehensive University. In addition, students may get involved with Fort Hays' literary and arts journal, Lines from the Middle of Nowhere.

Program of Study: 124 Credit Hours

English Core Courses: 21 Credit Hours

  • ENG 125 World Literature and the Human Experience; ENG 126 Introduction to Literature; or ENG 327 Introduction to Fiction
  • ENG 307 Introduction to Literary Analysis and Theory (Spring)
  • ENG 251 Survey of American Literature I (Fall)
  • ENG 252 Survey of American Literature II (Spring)
  • ENG 261 Survey of English Literature I (Spring)
  • ENG 262 Survey of English Literature II (Fall)
  • ENG 446 Advanced Composition (Fall)

Writing Concentration Requirements: 9 Credit Hours

  • ENG 385 Professional Editing (Spring)
  • COMM 345 Visual and Creative Design
  • ENG 448 Writing Internship (Spring)

Writing Concentration Electives: 12 Credit Hours

English Department Electives

  • ENG 146 Introduction to Creative Writing
  • ENG 346 Advanced Creative Writing
  • ENG 675 Playwriting/Screenwriting
  • ENG 603 Technical and Professional Writing
  • ENG 447 Professional and Community-Based Writing
  • ENG 449 Writing for Publication
  • ENG 602 Topics in Writing
  • ENG 648 Theories of Rhetoric and Composition
  • ENG 680 Introduction to Linguistic Science
  • ENG 683 History of the English Language
  • ENG 685 Modern Grammar and Usage
  • ENG 682 Traditional English Grammar

Non-English Department Electives (Optional: May choose one course.)

  • COMM 620 News Practicum-Reporting and Editing
  • COMM 347 Advertising
  • COMM 348 Public Relations
  • COMM 622 Feature Writing
  • HIST 379 Historical Methods
  • INT 624 Media Continuity Writing
  • INT 625 Electronic Journalism
  • SOC 670 Grant Proposal Development
  • BCOM 301 Business Communication

General Education Courses: 65 Credit Hours

Free Electives: 17 Credit Hours (Needed to complete the required 124 credit hours for a BA. May be used for a minor, or to take any courses of interest.)

Download program requirements for the BA in English, Writing Concentration.

Download the FHSU General Education Checklist (PDF).

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