Careers for English Majors

Confused about how the study of English relates to the real world? Good news! Studying English prepares you for a wide variety of careers. Currently employed alumni of the English program have become respected professionals in their fields. Their job titles include:

Communications consultant
Corporate correspondent
Grant writer
Middle-school teacher
High-school teacher
Human resources professional
Sports information director
Public relations director
Community college instructor
High school administrator

Studying English can prepare you for many options that don’t immediately come to mind when you tell your family you’re studying literature at college. For instance, according to the Modern Language Association, English is a recommended Pre-Medical major because clear communication skills are necessary when lives are at stake. English majors across the nation also find careers in

Public Relations

The skills you will develop as an English major help you analyze the facts and come up with innovative solutions. A talent for using language, writing and communicating with others, will prepare you for a whole world of careers.

For more information about careers for English majors, visit the Academic Advising and Career Exploration Center’s site or contact our department to speak with a faculty advisor. The world is at your fingertips. Are you ready?

FHSU English Graduates: Out in the World

Jessie Irvin (2008)
MFA Student/GTA
Wichita State University
Wichita, KS

At FHSU, I was a member of the Society of Physics Students, serving as Secretary and Vice President, and was inducted into Sigma Pi Sigma and Sigma Tau Delta. During the summer after my sophomore year, I went to another university for an internship in condensed matter physics, through the Summer Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (SUROP). My English and Physics backgrounds, as well as my interest in technical writing, helped me get a summer position at Brooks-City Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas, in 2007.  I worked in the Scientific and Technical Information Office. While all my English classes were invaluable to me, here is an example of a class that really made a difference: Writing for Publication and Writing for the Popular Press introduced me to the publishing world, and provided me with so much useful information about how to submit material, write cover letters, and ultimately get published (I'm still working on that last part).

Krystal Baugher (2006)
Graduate Student
DePaul University
Chicago, Ill.

I am working on a Master's in Women and Gender Studies and a Master's in Writing, and am in a band called Pervertable Tongues. I also work at the Chicago Tribune where I write recruitment ads and obituaries. I would say that my academic experiences at FHSU have helped to give me a strong foundation in both academic fields, in the sense that all of my professors were not only knowledgeable about their subjects, but also supportive of me as an individual. During my time at FHSU I worked on the newspaper and magazine staffs, I was active in the theater program, and I was a member of STD, English Club, and the 10% gay-straight Alliance. These events gave me a chance to become invested, not just in making myself a well-rounded individual, but a part of the community. Looking back now, and understanding that though the school isn't large and is virtually in the middle of nowhere, the faculty and staff want you to truly succeed and they will do all they can to help. It really has nothing to do with how "affordable" the tuition is, it has to do with the amount of effort put in by the faculty and of course, by the students. I would recommend the FHSU English department to anyone questioning their educational future.