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Minor in English

An English minor complements any program of study because it emphasizes reading, writing, and critical thinking. It marks you as a strong communicator-the number one quality employers in every field look for.

The minor requires 21 credit hours of courses (the sequence is not prescribed). Choose courses that meet your needs and interests. ENG 125, 126, and 327 can count toward both the minor and general education requirements, depending on what other general education courses you have taken.

Choose seven courses.

Language/Writing Course Options

  • ENG 121 Language Skills in the Professions
  • ENG 146 Introduction to Creative Writing
  • ENG 246 Technical and Report Writing
  • ENG 346 Advanced Creative Writing (may be taken twice)
  • ENG 381 Traditional English Grammar
  • ENG 385 Professional Editing
  • ENG 446 Advanced Composition
  • ENG 447 Professional and Community-Based Writing
  • ENG 449 Writing for Publication
  • ENG 602 Topics in Writing (may be taken twice-different topics)
  • ENG 603 Technical and Professional Writing
  • ENG 680 Introduction to Linguistic Sciences
  • ENG 683 History of the English Language
  • ENG 685 Modern Grammar and Usage

Literature Course Options

  • ENG 125 World Literature and the Human Experience
  • ENG 126 Introduction to Literature
  • ENG 307 Introduction to Literary Analysis and Theory
  • ENG 327 Introduction to Fiction
  • ENG 251 Survey of American Literature I
  • ENG 252 Survey of American Literature II
  • ENG 261 Survey of English Literature I
  • ENG 262 Survey of English Literature II
  • ENG 652 Studies in American Literary Periods
  • ENG 653 Studies in American Literary Types
  • ENG 654 Major American Authors
  • ENG 655 Regional Literature of the US
  • ENG 662 Studies in English Literary Periods
  • ENG 663 Studies in English Literary Types
  • ENG 664 Major British Authors
  • ENG 694 Studies in Folklore & Mythology
  • ENG 695 Comparative Studies in Literature

Download the Minor in English Checklist.

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