English Department Scholarships

The English Department offers several scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students. Many of these scholarships may be applied for through the Financial Assistance Office system. This set of scholarships and their requirements are listed in the system; the priority deadline for these scholarships is November 15 each academic year, with the final deadline on February 15. To find out more information and to apply, view the Financial Assistance Office Scholarships page.

However, there are also three additional scholarships for English undergraduate and graduate students that are offered directly through the English Department, thanks to the generosity of our donors, and they must be applied for by submitting the forms provided on this page. The deadline for applying for these scholarships is April 1. Note: If you are eligible for both the Lloyd Oswald and Ralph F. Voss and Elvon and Ruby Feldkamp scholarships, you may apply for both with the single form provided here. The Weaver-Smith Scholarship has a separate form.

The Lloyd Oswald Scholarships: Undergraduate and graduate students, with a preference given to Western Kansas students.

The Ralph F. Voss and Elvon and Ruby Feldkamp Scholarships: Preference will be given to graduate students, but sophomore, junior, and senior English majors may also apply.

The Weaver-Smith Scholarships: Junior and senior English majors in the Writing Concentration; the only scholarship at FHSU that comes with a Hawaiian shirt!


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