Faculty and Staff

Pauline Scott Pauline Scott, Chair and Professor
PhD, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1994

Early Modern Literature, Comparative Literature, and Literary Theory

Office: Rarick Hall 370
Phone: 628-4285
E-mail: pmscott3@fhsu.edu
 Lexey Bartlett Lexey Bartlett, Associate Professor
PhD, University of Texas at Arlington, 2005

Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century Comparative and British Literature, Art History, Critical Theory

Office: Rarick Hall 365
Phone: 628-5817
E-mail: labartlett@fhsu.edu
 Brenda Craven Brenda Craven, Instructor
MA, Fort Hays State University, 2003

Composition, Business and Technical Writing, Literature of the American South

Office: Rarick Hall 361
Phone: 628-5384
E-mail: bcraven@fhsu.edu
 Duffy Cheryl Hofstetter Duffy, Professor
Director of the Writing Concentration
PhD, University of Kansas, 1996

Composition and Rhetoric, English Language, Service Learning

Office: Rarick Hall 375
Phone: 628-5317
E-mail: cduffy@fhsu.edu
 Sharon Graham Sharon Graham, Instructor
MA, Lincoln Christian University, 2012

MDivBL, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, 1997

Composition, English as a Second/Foreign Language, Evangelical Protestant Theology

Office: Rarick Hall 359
Phone: 628-5914
E-mail: sagraham2@fhsu.edu
 Dr. Sharla Hutchison Sharla Hutchison, Associate Professor
Coordinator, Master of Liberal Studies English Concentration
PhD, University of Oklahoma, 2002

British and American Literary Modernism, Women's Writing, Critical Theory, Composition

Office: Rarick Hall 374
Phone: 628-5376
E-mail: shutchis@fhsu.edu
  Zachary D. Kastens, Instructor
MA, Fort Hays State University, 2012

Composition and Screen-Writing

Office: Picken Hall 364
Phone: 628-5330
E-mail: zdkastens@mail.fhsu.edu
  Eric Leuschner 2 Eric Leuschner, Associate Professor
Director of International Composition
PhD, University of Missouri-Columbia, 2004

History and Theory of the Novel, Representations and Discourses of the University, Eighteenth-Century British Literature

Office: Rarick Hall 376
Phone: 628-4229
E-mail: edleuschner@fhsu.edu
 Christiane Luehrs Christiane W. Luehrs, Instructor
MA, English Fort Hays State University, 1992
MA, History, Washington University, St. Louis, 1966

Social History, History Mysteries, Protestant Theology, History of Christianity, Antiques, the Gothic in Literature


E-mail: cluehrs@fhsu.edu
 Linda McHenry Linda McHenry, Instructor
Coordinator of Program Assessment
MA, Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville, 1993 

Specialist in the Teaching of Writing

Office: Rarick Hall 358
Phone: 628-5913
E-mail: lrmchenry@fhsu.edu
 Dr. Michael Meade Michael F. Meade, Associate Professor
PhD, Comparative Literature, University of Wisconsin, 1969

Twentieth-Century European Novel; French, German, Italian; Literary Criticism; Renaissance Art and Literature

Office: Rarick Hall 372
Phone: 628-5385
E-mail: mmeade@fhsu.edu
Travis Montgomery Travis Montgomery, Assistant Professor
PhD, University of Mississippi, 2009

American Writing of the Antebellum Period, Literatures of the South, Gothic Writing, Nineteenth-Century Print Culture

Office: Rarick Hall 364
Phone: 628-5330
E-mail: tdmontgomery2@fhsu.edu
  Carol Poster, Professor
Becky and Mike Goss Distinguished Professor of Excellence in Teaching
PhD, University of Missouri, 1994

History and Theory of Rhetoric, Rhetoric of Religion, Professional Writing, Writing Studies

Office: Rarick Hall 359
Phone: 628-5914
E-mail: c_poster@fhsu.edu
 Dr. Carl Singleton Carl Singleton, Professor
PhD, Loyola University of Chicago, 1982

Generalist; 20th-Century American Literature

Office: Rarick Hall 363
Phone: 628-4243
E-mail: csinglet@fhsu.edu
 Linda-smith Linda E. Smith, Instructor
MA, Fort Hays State University, 1993

English as a Second Language, Composition, Environmental Literature, Leopold Education Project, Secondary Education

Office: Rarick Hall 367
Phone: 628-4210
E-mail: lsmith@fhsu.edu
 Dr. Brett Weaver Brett Weaver, Associate Professor
PhD, University of North Texas, 2000

Creative Writing (Fiction and Drama), Latin-American Literature

Office: Rarick Hall 380
Phone: 628-4220
E-mail: bweaver@fhsu.edu
 Dr. Brad Will Bradley Will, Associate Professor
Assistant Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences
PhD, University of Oklahoma, 1998

Twentieth-Century American Literature, Literary Theory, Science-Fiction and Fantasy Literature, the Sublime

Office: Davis Hall 206C
Phone: 628-5347
E-mail: bwill@fhsu.edu
 Sharon Wilson Sharon Wilson, Instructor
Director of Teacher Education
MA, University of Nebraska, Omaha, 1972

Ethnic Literature, especially Native-American and Hispanic; Young-Adult Literature

Office: Rarick Hall 373
Phone: 628-5814
E-mail: swilson@fhsu.edu
  Yuri Yerastov, Assistant Professor
Director of Composition and Director of the Writing Center
PhD, University of Calgary; MEd, University of Massachusetts

Linguistics, Language Change and Variation, Construction Grammar, Dialects of English and Scots

Office: Rarick Hall 357
Phone: 628-5341
E-mail: y_yerastov@fhsu.edu