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Frequently Used Contacts

Financial Assistance Office

The following list contains many of the important phone numbers and web links you may need to contact concerning your financial aid. If you are still unsuccessful in finding what you are looking for, please feel free to contact us.

FHSU Toll Free Number: 800-628-FHSU (3478)
FHSU Financial Aid Office: 785-628-4408
FHSU Financial Aid Fax: 785-628-4014
FHSU Student Employment Office: 785-628-5227
FHSU Tiger Info: 800-628-3478
FHSU Scholarship Office: 785-628-4419
Direct Loan Servicing Center: 800-848-0979
Direct Loan MPN Issues: 800-557-7394
FHSU Admissions Office: 785-628-5666
FHSU Registrar's Office: 785-628-4222
FHSU Student Fiscal Services: 785-628-4461
FHSU Virtual College: 785-628-4291
Federal Processor: 800-433-3243
IRS: 800-829-1040
IRS Verification Transcripts: 800-908-9946

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