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Department of Geosciences
Fort Hays State University
600 Park Street
Tomanek Hall 233
Phone: 785-628-5389

P. Grady Dixon, Chair
(785) 628-5389
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Department of Geosciences - Directory

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Dr. P. Grady Dixon
Picture of Dr. P. Grady Dixon

Interim Dean,
Werth College of Science, Technology, and Mathematics
Professor and Chair, Geosciences

Expertise: meteorology, climatology, physical geography

Ph.D. in Geography Arizona State University

Hammond Hall 269
Phone: (785) 628-5389

Grady Dixon's homepage

Dr. Hendratta Ali
Picture of Dr. Hendratta Ali

Associate Professor
Expertise: petroleum geology

Ph.D. in Geology Oklahoma State University

Tomanek Hall 239 
Phone: (785) 628-4608

Hendratta Ali's Homepage

Dr. Keith Bremer
Picture of Dr. Keith Bremer

Assistant Professor
Expertise: human geography, urban sustainability

Ph.D. in Environmental Geography Texas State University

Tomanek Hall 241
Phone: (785) 628-4644

Keith Bremer's Homepage

Dr. Richard Lisichenko
Picture of Dr. Richard Lisichenko

Expertise: geographic information systems (GIS), remote sensing, geographic education

Ph.D. in Geographic Information Systems, Remote Sensing, Geographic Education, Geography of Russia Kansas State University

Tomanek Hall 235
Phone: (785) 628-4159

Rich Lisichenko's Homepage

Dr. Kenneth Neuhauser
Picture of Dr. Kenneth Neuhauser

Expertise: environmental geology

Ph.D. in Geology University of South Carolina

Tomanek Hall 243
Phone: (785) 628-5349

Dr. Kenneth Neuhauser's Homepage

Dr. Tom Schafer
Picture of Dr. Tom Schafer

Associate Professor
Expertise: physical geography, cartography

Ph.D. in Geography Kansas State University

Tomanek Hall 331
Phone: (785) 628-5969

Tom Schafer's Homepage

Dr. Jonathan Sumrall
Picture of Dr. Jonathan Sumrall

Assistant Professor
Expertise: geology, mineralogy, geochemistry

Ph.D. in Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Mississippi State University

Tomanek Hall 237
Phone: (785) 628-5348

Jonathan Sumrall's Homepage

Dr. Laura Wilson
Picture of Dr. Laura Wilson

Associate Professor
Expertise: paleontology

Ph.D. in Geological Sciences University of Colorado at Boulder

Tomanek Hall 219
Phone: (785) 639-6192

Laura Wilson's Homepage

Office Staff

Patricia Duffey
Picture of Patricia Duffey

Sr. Administrative Assistant

Tomanek Hall 233

Phone: (785) 628-5389

Department Student Staff
Picture of Department Student Staff

Department Student Staff

Deja Brewer
Racheal Ritter
Kara Sill
Madison White

Phone: (785) 628-5389

Instructors & Adjuncts

Eamonn Coveney
Picture of Eamonn Coveney

Expertise: geography and GIS


Amelia Fox
Picture of Amelia Fox

Expertise: remote sensing


Bill Heimann
Picture of Bill Heimann

Expertise: hydrology, geomorphology


Kara Kuntz
Picture of Kara Kuntz

Expertise: world geography

Tomanek Hall 329
Phone: (785) 628-5804

Jami Seirer
Picture of Jami Seirer

Expertise: GIS, remote sensing, ecological modeling


Dr. Jeanne Sumrall
Picture of Dr. Jeanne Sumrall

Instructor of Geosciences & Interim Director for Early College Programs (IAMS/KAMS)
Expertise: geoscience education, environmental science cross-disciplinary research

Ph.D. in Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Mississippi State University

Custer Hall 241 B
Phone: (785) 628-5973

Jeanne Sumrall's Homepage


Dr. Gary Millhollen
Picture of Dr. Gary Millhollen

Professor Emeritus

Dr. Paul Phillips
Picture of Dr. Paul Phillips

Professor Emeritus
Expertise: human geography

Paul Phillips' Homepage

Dr. John Ratzlaff
Picture of Dr. John Ratzlaff
Professor Emeritus
Dr. Richard Zakrzewski
Picture of Dr. Richard Zakrzewski

Professor Emeritus and Retired Chief Curator of Sternberg Museum
Expertise: paleontology

Phone: (785) 628-5389, (785) 628-5531
Richard Zakrzewski's Homepage

Unlocking the Unknown: Papers Honoring Dr. Richard J. Zakrzewski,edited by Greg H. Farley and Jerry R. Choate

Dr. John Heinrichs
Picture of Dr. John Heinrichs

In Memoriam, Chair and Professor
Expertise: Remote Sensing, Climatology, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Physical Oceanography, Arctic Geography

Dr. John Heinrichs passed away unexpectedly on January 11, 2014.
Dr. John Heinrich's Homepage (last updated 1/11/2014).
The Climate of Hays, Kansas, from 1867 to 1999: Variability, Trends, and Influences

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