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There will be singles, doubles, and co-rec divisions.

Rules for singles:

1. A game consists of 15 points and must be won by two points.

2. We will use honor play -- No officials.

3. Play will be a single elimination tournament, with first round losers playing a Division A-I bracket.

4. First serve is determined by a coin toss. This person must serve from his/her respective right half of the court.

5. Serves will be from right side of court on even numbered score totals.

6. Serves must be below the waistline.

7. Must have the serve to score.

8. In serving, a missed shuttlecock is a fault.

9. Shots on the line are considered in.

10. Side-out occurs when you:

  1. Fail to return the shuttlecock during rally.
  2. Return the shuttlecock out-of-bounds.
  3. Failure to serve.

11. No double hits. Body contact of the shuttlecock is a fault.

12. Change courts at the end of a game. Winners serve first. In doubles, either winner may serve first and either loser may receive.

13. Opponents change ends with the start of each new game.

14. If a third game is needed, players change courts when one side reaches 8 points.

Rules for doubles:

1. Games will be played to 15 points. Match will be the best of 3 games to a score of 15 points each.

2. First service is determined by a coin toss. This team must serve from their respective right side of the court.

3. The team who received the first serve only has one "down". This means only the person on the right-hand side of the serving side court gets to serve. However, every possession thereafter results in each partner of the serving side one serve each before possession changes.

4. Serves cannon be a stroke above the waistline.

5. Must have serve in order to score.

6. On the line shots are considered in.

7. Teams change ends at the start of each new game.

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