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Basketball - 2 on 2

1.There will be a limit of 3 players per roster. A minimum of 2 players must start and finish the game.

2. This is a 2 on 2, double elimination basketball tournament.

3. A game will be played to 11 points, no time limit. All made 3 point shots will count as 2 points, and all other field goals will count at one point.

4. Winners will move along the bracket as will one-time losers. The brackets will allow one time losers the opportunity to play back for a chance at the finals providing they don't fall into a second loss.

5. Teams will call their own fouls and the ball will be checked up behind the 3 point line on every change of possession.

6. Only a league supervisor will be provided. All scores will be reported to him/her immediately.

7. This a a half-court game.

8. Each team will be allowed one short time-out per half. Time-outs must be less than 30 seconds.

9. Every foul beyond 4 team fouls will count as 1 point for the opponent.

10. There are no shooting fouls.

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