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Basketball - 3 on 3

Starting & Finishing:

1. Teams will be comprised of 3 players members, (3 men or 3 women) with a maximum of 6 listed on the roster. A minimum of 2 players will need to start and finish a game.

2. To start the game, there will be a rock, paper, scissors between the captains to determine which team receives first possession of the ball.

Forfeit Time:

3. Starting at game time, one basket (1 point) will be awarded for every minute a team fails to show. After ten minutes, the game is 10-0 and a forfeit.

General Rules:


5. Boundary lines include the 2 sidelines, center court and the end-line of the basketball court. The 3 second rule is in effect.

6. Jump ball situations will alternate possession. Alternation possession will continue to start the second half.

7. After each possession, the ball must be taken out at the top of the key. After the ball has been checked at the top of the key, offensive players may shoot or dribble.

8. The ball will be taken out at the top of the key after all violations, traveling, etc.

9. Once a team has possession they have 25 seconds to attempt a shot. It is a turnover if a shot is not attempted in 25 seconds. No stalling is allowed.

10. If a shot is attempted and it does not touch the backboard, rim, or net; the ball may be put right back up by either team (except by the player who attempted the shot).

Fouls & Foul Shots:

  1. All 2 shot fouls (act of shooting, intentional, flagrant personal or technical fouls) and fouls in the act of shooting where basket is made shall be shot as they occur.
  2. One and one shall be in effect on the fourth foul of the half.
  3. All act of shooting fouls behind the 3-point line result in 3 foul shots.
  4. After four personal fouls, an individual is disqualified from the game. NOTE: AN INDIVIDUAL MAY BE DISQUALIFIED AFTER ONE FLAGRANT OR INTENTIONAL FOUL.

11. Substitutes may enter game during dead ball situations (violations, fouls, time-outs) or after a basket.

12. Intramural sports encourages each team to provide their own shirts. IF you do not have your own, pull-over will be provided. NUMBERED SHIRTS MUST BE WORN.

13. Games will be played on half court and will consist of 10 minute rolling halves. There will be 2 minutes between halves.

Time-Time Outs:

14. If the game is tied at the end of regulation play, then sudden death will be in effect. The two teams will shoot free throws to determine which team gets the ball first. Each team will pick one player to shoot three shots. The first team to score wins the game.

15. A team may take up to 2 time-0uts per game. Time outs will stop the clock and each are not to exceed 30 seconds.


16. A field goal will count 1 point with fouled shots worth 1 point. Goals shot outside the three point line are worth 2 points.


17. Only a scorekeeper will be provided, no officials, this will be a "call your own game".

18. Two technical fouls will result in a one game suspension. Two technical fouls in one game also results in the player being suspended from current game.

19. If a player received 3 technical fouls they will be suspended from the league. No exceptions.

20. Technical fouls carry over throughout the season.

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