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Basketball - 5 on 5

KSHSAA Basketball Rules shall govern play with the following exceptions:

Starting & Finishing:

1. A team shall consist of 5 men or women. There will be a limit of 12 players per roster. Games may not be started if a team has less than 3 legal players. A game may be completed with less than 2 players on any one team.

Forfeit Time:

2. One basket (2 points) will be awarded for every minute a team is late to start the game. Ten minutes past game time will result in a forfeit.

General Rules:

3. A game ball will be provided by the Intramural Office, another ball may be used if captains of both teams agree.

4. The start of the game and each overtime period shall be initiated by a jump ball. In subsequent jump ball situations, the alternate possession rule will be in effect.

5. The 3-second rule shall be in effect with regard to free throw lane.

6. BONUS RULE: A bonus free throw (second free throw) is awarded for each common foul (except player control fouls) committed by a player of a team beginning with the team's seventh personal foul. The ball is awarded out of bounds after a common foul until the bonus rule goes into effect. After the 10th foul the player gets two shots.

7. Dunking will be allowed during the game only. A technical foul will be called for the following:

  1. pre-game dunking, post-game dunking, or half-time dunking.
  2. holding onto the rim, except to avoid injury. Officials discretion.

8. 3 pointers shall be in effect if both feet are behind the 3-point line upon release of the basketball.

9. Correcting Errors: Officials may correct an error if a rule is inadvertently set aside and results

  1. failure to award a merited free throw.
  2. permitting a wrong player to attempt a free throw.
  3. attempting a free throw at the wrong basket.
  4. erroneously count or canceling a score.

In order to correct any of the above four official's errors, such error must be recognized by an official before the ball becomes live, following the first dead ball after the error.

10. Additional Rule Clarifications:

  1. Front and Back (over & back), in regard to the mid-court line. When a player is in the back court, that player will be considered in front court when both feet and the ball are in the front court. It is then a over and back violation if any one of the players three points (two feet or the ball) come in contact with or go over the mid-court line.
  2. Players occupying lane positions during a free throw attempt may enter the lane after the ball touches the rim. To purposely fake a free throw attempt is a violation.
  3. A player who does not occupy a lane space along the free throw lane must take a position behind the free throw line extended and behind the 3 point line when a free throw is attempted.

Time-Time Outs:

11. Games shall consist of two 18-minute halves with 5 minutes between halves. Time will be "running time" except for time outs, the last two minutes of the game, official referee time-outs, and technical fouls.

In case of a tie game, there will be a two minute overtime period. The first minute the clock will be on running time. The second minute, the clock will be stopped for free throws, out-of-bounds, etc. or as governed by regular basketball rules. Each team will be allowed one time out. If at the end of the overtime, the score is still tied, a sudden death overtime will start immediately with a toss at the center. There will be no time outs. The first team to accumulate three points will win. The clock will not start in the sudden death overtime. Only one of the five players on the court can call a time-out.

The clock shall stop when the official:

  1. stops play: because of an injury, to confer with scorer's/timers, because of unusual delay in getting a deal ball alive, or for an emergency.
  2. grants player's request for a time-out. EXCEPTION: if either team has a 10 point lead, the clock will not stop during the last two minutes of the game.
  3. a player/team shall not be in continuous control of a ball which is in his/her back court for more than 10 consecutive seconds, this will result in a 10 second violation (loss of ball).
  4. substitutes must report to scorer's table to check in. Substitutes during a live ball is a technical foul.
  5. when closely guarded and the 5-second count is reached, it becomes a violation and the defensive team is awarded the ball out of bounds.
  6. on the 10th foul and thereafter, 2 free throws will be awarded.
  7. a team has a 5 second count to in-bounds the ball or it is a loss of possession.


12. SCORING AND TIMING: THE RUNNING SCORE ON THE SCORE SHEET IS THE OFFICIAL SCORE. If there is a discrepancy on the score sheet or score board, the running score sheet shall be official.

Conduct/Technical Fouls:

13. Technical fouls can be charged to any coach, fan, or player resulting from bench and/or court misconduct. Technical fouls will result in 2 free throws being awarded.

14. If there is a technical foul on the team, a definite warning will be given to the team captain at the time of the foul. If there is a second technical foul given to the same team, the game will be forfeited.

15. If team receives 5 total technicals the team will be removed from further play of league and the playoffs.

16. A team removed from the league for five technicals will be charged forfeit fees for the remainder of the regular season.

17. Only the team captain has the right to talk to the officials.

18. Each technical foul will carry a label of misconduct. The most severe are considered felonies and include the following:

  1. any pre-game or post-game dunking
  2. inappropriate language
  3. any fighting, taunting, or a show of bad sportsmanship

A misdemeanor is a less severe type of technical foul, and includes the following:

  1. slapping the backboard
  2. incidental hanging on the rim

A flagrant foul can result in an automatic suspension from the league. This type of foul is at the discretion of the IM/Rec supervisor.

19. Different levels for the punishment is based on the severity and/or amount of incidents. The following chart will be used to determine punishment for acts seen as inappropriate.

  • 2 felonies = automatic 2 game suspension and "Orange Suit Probation"
  • Any combination of 3 technical fouls = automatic 2 game suspension and "Orange Suit Probation"
  • 3 felonies = automatic suspension from league
  • Any combination of 4 technical fouls = automatic suspension from league

20. All punishment will be enforced in the next game. Individuals will be able to complete current game, unless both technicals are assessed in the same game.

21. "Orange Suit Probation" is a punishment following 2 felony technicals or a combination of any 3. The following criteria must be met for the punishment:

  • Individual must officiate one full night of intramural basketball.
  • At least one of those games is required to be their team.
  • Individuals are required to wear a special uniform provided by the IM/Rec Office.

22. Intentional Foul Rule shall be in effect with the individual getting 2 shots and the ball out of bounds where the foul occurred. This call should only be made if a player is fouled going for an obvious shot. Intentional fouls are personal fouls.

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