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Bowling League

1. Men's, Women's, and Co-Rec teams will consist of 4 members.

2. Handicaps will not be used in this league.

3. Teams will pay the union bowling rates. The cost is $1.00 per game per person. No cost for shoes.

4. A legal line-up will be two or more eligible players in the 4 player team league. Substitutes shall be considered eligible players for a minimum legal line-up. When a lesser number is present to start any game of a series at the time scheduled by the league, the game shall be forfeited. No more than four will be allowed to bowl in any one game.

5. Any team not having the required four players will have to pay for all games not bowled by the absent players. Failure to pay for all games not played by absentees will result in the team being dropped from the league immediately.

6. When any games are declared forfeited, the team present and not at fault must bowl any and all games to be bowled as though they were actually contested. Every member bowling on such team must have completed their frame on one lane before the team shall commence it's next frame on the adjoining lane. All game forfeited by a team not having a legal line-up will be required to pay for all lines not bowled on the regular schedule. Failure to pay for these forfeited contest will result in being dropped from the league immediately.

7. Absentee scores shall be allowed when a team has a legal line-up but less then a full line-up at the start of any game in a series. The scores shall be the average, less ten pins, of the absent bowler.

8. Any player who arrives after completion of the third frame may be allowed to bowl that game (as a spacer) but whose score will be tabulated from his average, minus ten pins, of the absent bowler.

9. Any bowler shall be allowed to finish the final game of a series before their teammates or opponents, providing they finish on the on the lanes assigned to the contest and alternate lanes. Using any other lanes to finish early, other than those assigned, will nullify whatever score the bowler finished with and his/her average, minus ten pins, will be used instead. Willful violation to use the adjusted score will result in forfeiture of the game by the team.

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