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FFL Auction Draft League

1. This league will be run with the same regulations, rights, and privileges as other FFB Leagues.

2. Draft day will be the only difference in the auction draft league and regular draft leagues.

3. All franchise owners will be given an account of $500 FFL dollars.

4. Draft order will be at random, at which that time, teams will choose which NFL player will be auctioned away first.

5. Players will go to the highest bidder of the FFL fantasy dollars.

6. All teams MUST STAY within their $500 dollar limit.

7. All teams must fill their roster of all required 11 players.

8. Teams winning out of the FFL fantasy dollars will be frozen in bidding until their next draft position, at which that time, their most valuable player will be sold at auction. Money-10% will go back to the previous owner of the rights to the player and their bidding highs will become unfrozen so they may fill their roster.

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