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Flag Football

Starting, Forfeit Time, and Finishing

1. Seven players will make up a team. The seven players will consist of four linemen and three backs. (You must start the game if you have 5 players) Forfeit time is 10 minutes past the scheduled start time.

General Rules

2. When the ball is put in play, the offensive team must have at least four men on the line of scrimmage when the ball is snapped.

3. When a free kick is declared, 4 linemen of both teams must have at least four men on the line of scrimmage when the ball is snapped.

4. Four downs will be allowed each team to cross the line to gain, or to score depending upon the location of the ball on first down.

5. The kickoff will be made from the goal line by using any kind of kick.

6. The receiving team must have 3 men in front of the 40 yard line when the ball is kicked.

7. A kickoff that goes out-of-bounds must be kicked over and a 5 yard penalty is assessed. If is goes out-of-bounds a second time, the ball is awarded to the receiving team on the kicking team's 20 yard line with first and goal. If the ball is kicked into the end zone, it is a touch back and is put into play by the receiving team on their 20 yard line.

8. The kickoff is not a free ball and may not be recovered by the kicking team.

9. The receiving team may advance the ball even though it has touched the ground, provided the player has not fumbled or muffed the ball when trying to catch it. All fumbles are dead balls at the fumbled spot.

10. A free kick may be declared by the offensive team only on the fourth down.

11. When a free kick is declared, the ball must be kicked. See Rule 3.

12. Interception and/or loss of down are the only two possible ways for offense to lose possession to the defense without a score being made. All muffs and fumbles are defined as dead balls.

13. The kicker may not be rushed on a free kick.

14. Receiving Team may advance even though the punt was not caught, but, if a player tries to catch it and fumbles or muffs the ball to the ground, it is a dead ball.

15. The ball must be centered on all kicks from the center between his legs, to the spot where the punter is going to kick the ball.

16. Any number of forward or lateral passes may be made on any play including kicks and interceptions. ON a passing or receiving, only one foot needs to be inbounds.

17. No player may pass either forward or laterally to himself.

18. A ball may be touched consecutively by any number of offensive players before being caught and still in play.

19. The ball will be put into play at the original line of scrimmage after any pass or passes which are thrown from behind the line of scrimmage which fall incomplete.

20. The ball will be declared dead when the ball carrier's flag is removed with either hand between the knees and the neck by an opposing player who is on his feet and this includes the arms and hands in any position.

21. ABSOLUTELY NO DIVING. No defensive or offensive player shall leave his feet to make a touch on an offensive player or a catch.

22. Aggressive touching of a ball carrier is prohibited.

23. Only upright body blocking with the arms extended between the shoulder width will be allowed by the offensive team on the line of scrimmage or in the offensive backfield.

24. All down field blocking must be upright screen blocking with no body contact. You must not leave your feet or dive to block at any time.

25. Defensive players cannot deliberately run over a blocker.

26. Any hitting with a forearm is prohibited by both offense and defense.

27. A fumbled ball is dead when it is fumbled, and belongs to the team which fumbled it, unless it was fourth down.

28. NO CLEATS OR SPIKES WILL BE ALLOWED ON SHOES!! But, regular soccer shoes are allowed and they MUST have soft rubber cleats.

29. No player will be allowed to participated in bare feet.

30. High school Rules apply where not covered in this sheet.

Co-Rec Rule

The seven players will consist of four linemen and three backs. (You must start your game if you have 5 players). THE FIRST PASS OR SECOND PASS MUST BE THROWN TO A FEMALE BEYOND THE LINE OF SCRIMMAGE AND ON THE KICKOFF.

Time-Time Outs

31. Each quarter will be 10 minutes long, with the clock being stopped only when a team asks for a time-out, or when time-out is taken by an official. Time-out is taken on scores, delays, and 15yd penalties.

32. Each team is allowed two time-outs per half.

33. The last two minutes will be played by regular KSHSAA rules in regard to time, if the score is within 7 points or less.

34. Tied Game rules and regulations:

  1. Immediately following the conclusion of the fourth quarter, a coin toss is to be held. the winner will be given the usual options.
  2. Team A shall place the ball in play, 1st and goal, on B's 20 yard line.
  3. Team A shall have 4 downs in which to score unless there is a loss of possession. If a touchdown is scored, the ball will go to Team B.
  4. If the defensive team gains possession of the football by intercepting a pass, the ball is not dead until the down is ended. This provides them the opportunity to score a touchdown and the game is over.
  5. After loss of possession, Team B shall become the offensive team with the ball in its possession on it opponent's 20 yard line. The same end of the field is to be used for both possessions. This will ensure equal game condition (wind, moisture, etc.).
  6. If Team A loses possession to Team B, then Team B loses possession to Team A within the same down, Team A has 1st and goal from end of play.
  7. Each Team shall be allowed one additional time-out for each extra period plus any unused regulation game time-outs.


35. A try for point after a touchdown must be made by passing or running.

Passing PATs are worth 1 pt.
Running PATs are worth 2 pts.
Touchdowns are worth 6 pts.
Safeties are worth 2 pts.

36. Mercy Rule: If a team leads by 45 or more points after the completion of the first half, they will be named the winner and the game will be called.


37. Penalties

  1. For less than four men on offensive line of scrimmage, or less than four men on defensive line of scrimmage on fourth down when a kick is declared -- 5 yards.
  2. For leaving feet in covering or attempting to cover a fumble -- 15 yards. (A SLIP & A DIVE ARE DIFFERENT).
  3. For blocking using other than an upright body block -- 15 yards.
  4. For unnecessary roughness -- disqualification and 1/2 distance to goal.
  5. For flagrant roughness -- disqualification and 1/2 distance to goal.
  6. For leaving feet in making a touch or block -- 15 yards.
  7. For flagrant roughness of any or the above-- disqualification and 1/2 distance to goal.
  8. For wedge blocking -- 15 yards.
  9. For past interference
    • Offensive -- 15 yards and loss of down from previous spot.
    • Defensive -- 15 yards and automatic 1st down from previous spot.
  10. For use of profane and abusive language
    • First Occurrence -- 15 yards
    • Second Occurrence -- Disqualification and 1/2 distance to goal.
  11. Flag guarding is a 10 yd penalty (15yd penalty in Co-Rec). Flag guarding is the use, by the offensive player, of forearms or hands to prevent the defensive player from pulling their flags. Flag guarding would be a sweeping action below shoulder level, a stiff-arm would be using a rigid arm at or above shoulder level.
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