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1. A game shall consist of 21 points.

2. A match is determined on the basis of the best of 2 out of 3 games.

3. First pitch may be decided by a toss of the coin.

4. After play beings, the person who scored will be first pitcher.

5. If no points are scored, the person who pitched last will pitch first.

6. Pegs and shoes will be furnished, but you may use your own shoes.

7. Points will be scored as follows:

8. Closest shoe to peg counts as one point.

9. Two closest shoes count two points.

10. Ringer counts as three points.

11. Ringer and one closer shoe counts four points.

12. Two ringers with opponent having one, counts three points.

13. Each player has a ringer, next closest shoe counts if it is within six inches of the stake.

14. A shoe leaning against the stake counts as the shoe touching stake only, counts one point.

15. A ringer shall be defined as a shoe that encircles the stake so that both ends may be touched by a measuring stick on the outer side.

16. Shoes knocked into a new position by a later pitch counts on the final position of the shoe.

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