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Lawn Game Olympics

Three different events will be held: Croquet, Lawn Darts, and Bocce.

Individual champions will be crowned in all three events. Also, a Lawn Game Olympic Champion will be crowned.

Lawn Game Olympic champions will be crowned using the following format:

Place of Individual Event


Croquet will played in fields of six until the final six remain, at which time the final 6 will play for the championship.

The winner will be declared once a person has hit his/her ball through all 14 wire hoops.

Order of play is declared on mallets.

If a player hits his/her own ball through a hoop, he/she gets another turn.

Once an end post is hit, all accumulated turns diminish.

If a player hits an opponent's ball, that player has the option of hitting again or positioning his/her ball beside the opponent's ball.

Lawn Darts

This event will be played in a single elimination format.

Each opponent will throw two darts. The person who scored last will throw first.

Dart throwers must throw from behind the circle.

Points scored:

  • each ringer
  • closer than opponent and within darts reach

Games will be played to 21.


Each game will be played to 11 points. You must win by 1.

Game consists of two red, two green, two blue, two yellow and one white ball.

Rock/paper/scissors will decide who throws out the first white game ball.

Object of the game is to try and get your ball(s) as close to the yellow ball as possible. For example, if the green team's balls are both closer to the yellow game ball than either of the two red balls, the green team is awarded two points...one point for each ball. In this case, the red team receives no points.

An opponent can knock his opponent's ball out-of-bounds with his ball.

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